Do Popular Users On Snapchat Make Money?

Advertisements and #sponsored posts dominate the platforms of YouTube and Instagram where influencers can post commercial-perfect content for revenue. So, why do so many public figures spend so much time on Snapchat when their content will disappear? Are these popular users on Snapchat make money?

Yep. Users On Snapchat Make Money.

Two words: product placement. Companies value peer-to-peer marketing and realize the authenticity of targeting the slice-of-life platform of Snapchat. Instagram has become too congested with sponsored content that brands are having a harder time standing out on the platform. Just scrolling through Instagram can sometimes feel like flipping through the pages of a catalog.

Although Snapchat sprinkled in advertisements, the ad placement does not overlay with any users’ content; so, monetization is not set up for Snapchatters like it is for content creators on YouTube. This could certainly be a direction in Snapchat’s future but not even a rumor supports this claim as of Summer 2017.

An Untapped Market?

Many social media marketers and companies still do not value the marketing aspect of Snapchat. They can only pull two statistics from a user: their follower count and how many people viewed their snap. The app does not calculate the average amount of views or ratio of followers to views. Without a pattern or graph that Instagram now provides, utilizing Snapchat feels like a gamble: They are paying money in hopes that followers will choose to play a Snapchatter’s story before it expires within 24 hours, along with not skipping through and actually paying attention to it.

users on snapchat make money

The fears of budgeting for Snapchat marketing make sense when discussed in the workplace; but, if companies respect the culture of the app, they can unlock a gold mine.

Getting Started.

Many celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, dominate the platform, but some everyday users have gained fame through Snapchat alone. If you are seeking Snapchat fame, remember to set your privacy settings to public, spread the word about your username, and post a few times a day to engage your viewers. And remember, if brands aren’t reaching out to you, try reaching out to them even if you start with smaller companies or local places.

Calculating your rate can be hard and takes a lot of self-evaluation, knowledge of your audience, and trial and error. Personally, keep track of your growth along with other stats such as how many of your followers screenshot your content. Because of companies’ fears about investing in short-lived content, try creating package deals that a campaign would include.

Do you have any tips to gain a Snapchat following? Sound off in the comments!

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