cousins are friends forever, especially first cousins

cousinsYour first cousins should be your friends forever. Siblings live together under the same roof. There may  may be issues preventing siblings from becoming life long friends. However, cousins are almost as close as siblings genetically. Cousins can end up closer friends than brothers and sisters.

It’s never too late to catch up with your first cousins, do it now and become their friend forever. Find out what you have in common, catch up on lost time and reminisce about your childhood life. You can also meet their nuclear family and make even more friends forever with their children and their spouses.

How do you know  your first cousin your best friend for ever?

You will know your cousin is your  friend forever when you can tell them anything and you trust them and adhere to their advice. Other signs that they’re your bff is you will feel an emotional attachment to them. You will hug them. You will enjoy their company. You will miss them when they’re not around.cousins friends forever

It’s easier to make your cousin your best friend if they live nearby. If your cousin is nearby make spare time to spend with them. You can go out and eat with their husband or wife with your husband or wife on a double date. If you both like sports, go to ballgames together. Remember; friends are hard to find. Your cousins may be hard to find, but once you find them; their unconditional friendship will make yhou both feel great resulting in a longer lasting life for both of you.

Life is short and sweet. Don’t waste time trying to make new friends that will not last forever. Look up your cousins. Catch up on lost time. Make friends and spend time together. You will find out that your cousin, especially a first cousin will be your friend forever.

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