toasted kitchen avocado toast

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast: Where to Enjoy in Dallas

Let’s talk about Avocado toast. If you have never had this delicious treat, it is an open-faced sandwich made with mashed or sliced avocado with various toppings. Do I have your attention yet? I could proclaim my love for all things avocado to you, but you probably already share my sentiment. I am taking you on an avocado toast tour of Dallas.


ascension avocado toast

This is my favorite spot for brunch, coffee and toast. Poached eggs, cilantro roast pepper salad, and avocado are all on top of a hearty Hippie Loaf. Ascension is also a must-try spot for coffee.

Toasted Coffee and Kitchen

toasted kitchen avocado toast

Try these two artisanal avocado options at Toasted. The “Don’t Get Salty” includes bread of your choice, avocado spread, sea salt, black sea salt and black pepper. Avocado slices with sriracha red and green sauces placed on top of sweet rye bread on the “Avo-ca-dam.”

Local Press + Brew

local press brew avocado toast

A simple toast with chili flakes and olive oil drizzled on top.

Flower Child

flower child avocado toast

This healthy hot-spot has a crushed avocado toast with a soft egg, black sesame, and white cheddar.


Avocado “Smoosh” Toast at Halcyon assembled with avocado smear topped with smoked salmon, chili flakes, and Pico de gallo.

Share your favorite places to find avocado toast in Dallas in the comments below!

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