Addison Texas Is a Pet’s Paradise

On any given day in Addison Texas, hundreds of pets, mostly dogs, and their owners meander the sidewalks, parks and entertainment spaces. With 12 Dog Parks and a restaurant that serves pets from a Dog Menu, Addison Texas is a pet’s paradise. Addison equips each park with pet waste bags. Some have fountains designed to quench doggie thirst. Due to manicured green space at all parks, puppy toes stay safe and comfortable. In the evening dog friends, with their humans, meet in their favorite parks. They play, relax, or show off their doggie skills, or lack thereof. 

Caring dog owners help make Addison Texas a Pet's ParadiseParkview Park is one of the most popular pet-friendly parks in Addison. It is nestled in a densely populated neighborhood of condos and apartment buildings between Quorum Road and Spectrum Road, just north of Addison Circle. All dog breeds are welcome, as log as their humans curb them. Pet humans who joined in the evening ritual of coming to Parkview Park with their pets, many years ago, became very close friends. This group has been a part of many transitions over the years. They have seen doggie illness, human illness, human weddings, and births – all phases of life. This group welcomes Newcomers, and encourage them to join in each evening’s doggie fun. Addison Dog Parks close after hard rains. Call the Addison Dog Park Hotline (972) 459-8851 to find out if a Dog Park has reopened.

Lazy Dog Restaurant helps make Addison Texas a Pet's ParadiseIt is common for pets to attend the weekly summer concerts and movie screenings in Beckert Park. Pets are also welcome at the musical events held at Vitruvian Park, in the southwestern part of Addison. In addition, Addison boasts a California-based restaurant that caters to dogs and their humans called The Lazy Dog Restaurant. This lodge-chic restaurant, with its Scratch Kitchen, does not just welcome dogs. Dogs receive complimentary water and can snack on items from the Doggie Menu. Human Adult and Child Menus are also available.

Many Services Available for Pets and Their Humans Make Addison Texas a Pet’s Paradise

20 Veterinarians, including an Animal Ophthalmologist and Surgery Center, are located in and around Addison. Also, choose from the 20 Pet Boarding spaces that are located here. Because so many Pet services are close by, Addison Texas is a Pet’s Paradise.

Since Addison, Texas is the home to some of the 1.2 million dogs in North Central Texas, their Humans must take great care. Such a high concentration of dogs could also cause a health risk to adults, children, and pets. The Town of Addison registers pets for the safety of the pet and community. Also, pet waste management is a Town priority and offers constant reminders to residents on ways to be responsible pet owners.

For these reasons, bring your pet to visit Addison. Move to Addison with your pet. If you live in Addison and are contemplating pet ownership, do not hesitate. Addison Texas is a Pet’s Paradise, and a remarkable community for their Humans, too.

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