You're Going to be a Grandfather


You learned that you were going to become a grandfather. Initially, you feel like you’re growing old and that the best days of your life are over. However; you will eventually discover that the future holds more joy than you have ever imagined.

The Stereotype of a grandfather is a man with gray hair, walking cane and wrinkles. However,  if you had your first baby in your early twenties and your baby grew up and had their baby in their early twenties;  you could be a grandfather in your forties. Forty-Something is not old. The new saying is; the forties are the new thirties. You’ll probably live long enough to be a great grandfather and that doesn’t mean that you will be old. Example; Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones became a great grandfather in May of 2014 at 70 year young. Now he’s 73 and he’s going to start his World Tour in September. For more information on the Rolling Stones Tour you can go to

Congratulations, You’re Going to be a Grandfather

Here’s why being a grandpa is so nice. Grandparents have more time and money to spend on grandchildren than they did their own children. Think about when you were a first time parent. You didn’t have the money to spoil your child with everything you wanted. You didn’t have time to spend with them just holding them and reading them stories. You couldn’t take them to the park whenever you wanted. Young parents in their twenties struggle with finances and work and making enough money to pay the bills and spending time on the job takes away from spare time with your children. You want to spend a lot of time and money on your children but scarcity is an obstacle.

When you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s; you’re further along in your career and you’ve hopefully saved money and make enough money to take longer breaks from work and spend more money on children than you were able to when you were a struggling young gun.

Being a grandpa is a chance for you to do all the things that you wish you could have done when you were a parent. Take a day off every now and then and spend it with your grandchild. Go to Target and spend money on them. Have long talks with them. Give them sound advice. Make sure that when the day comes that you are no longer alive; you’re grandson or granddaughter remembers all the wonderful things that you did with them and for them.grandfather

Go ahead, spoil your grandchildren, spend time with them and make memories with them. Do everything that you wish you could have done with your own children. If you do all that; being a grandpa will be one of the life’s biggest pleasures.

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