YEA World AfterSchool Pilot


YEA World AfterSchool Pilot tests the latest technologies 

Typically, AfterSchool programs are equipped with “hand me down” computers from organizations updating their own computer infrastructure. This does give access to the internet and hands on use of a computer. However, this approach does not give students access to the latest technologies and  further reinforces the image of being a second class citizen.  The YEA World AfterSchool Pilot brings the latest in technology.  Much of which is not yet available in the schools or society at large.  The objective is to instill a sense of personal pride and develop the belief that “I Can Go Anywhere I Want to Go and I can do Anything I Want to Do.  My Vehicle is Education”

H.I.S. BridgeBuilders has been selected as the initial YEA World AfterSchool Pilot.

Key Technologies and Products 


Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. Take Field Trips to virtually anywhere from Machu Picchu to Antarctica to the International Space Station.  Explore career options by viewing the life in a day of fireman to microbiologist to astronauts.  Google Expeditions brings excitement and engagement to students in the YEA World AfterSchool Pilot.  



Google classroom is the control center assignments are created, distributed, feedback is sent and the teacher can see everything instantly, paperless and almost effortlessly.  The Google Classroom provides the key integration feature of the YEA World AfterSchool Pilot. 


Google Chromebooks have revolutionized education not only in the US but world wide.  In the US, 58% of classroom computers are Chromebooks.  Consistent with  he philosophy of YEA World AfterSchool Pilot Chromebooks with the latest technology have been selected.  The ACER Chromebook R11 features a touch screen and convertible from a laptop to a tablet. The ability to install Android Apps directly to the Chromebooks opens a whole new world to the Chromebook.



Snapchat has become the preferred social media application for the under 30 age group.  The ability to install the Snapchat App with the Android Apps directly to the Chromebook allows this to become the standard Social Media choice for YEA AfterSchool Pilot without the requirement for an expensive Smartphone.


Snapchat Spectacles allow the wearer to do a 10 second video and send to Snap Friends.


360 Degree VR Camera with Dual Spherical Lens

Dual Spherical Lens provide 360 degree view for both horizontal and vertical visual angle. Video recording (960P @30fps) up to 2 hours, video format of .MOV & converted video format is .mp4). Image (3008*1504/JPG)

Check the live view on the smartphone or choose VR Mode for more fun. Free Apps (SYVR360) available on [Google play] or [App store]; 

Built-in Wi-Fi allows wirelessly transfer files between smartphone and camera



This section will be fleshed out as experience is gained in the Google Expeditions portion of the YEA World Pilot. Will include the Joseph Campbell Foundation Follow Your Bliss

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