Stressed Working Parents

Why Working Parents Should Just Say “No”

Have you ever said “yes” to something, and then instantly regretted it? It may seem innocent enough, but all those small yeses add up. Before you know it, your stress level is at all time high, especially for working parents.  Stressed Working Parents

Your Kids Will Thank You For It Later

Parents want to take care of their children and create a better life for them. But at what cost? And is saying “yes” really helping your children? If a school lunch is left at home, should you run it up to school? What about last night’s homework on the counter? Just say no. You save your sanity while your children learn accountability. What if the school asks you to volunteer for a fundraiser or event and every other parent is doing it? Don’t let the guilt set in, you’re one of many working parents with a full schedule. You’re already providing so much for your family. Providing your children with an example of how to live a balanced life is worth more than helping out every time you’re asked.

You’ll Be a Better Employee

One of the hardest places to say “no” is in the office. It’s your job, you should say “yes”, right? Everyone wants to be successful in their career. Even to the point of pretending that personal and family needs don’t exist. Of course you can stay late. Or take on that extra project. Or travel to a meeting on last minute notice. No one wants to be that person that turns down an opportunity for success. However, this path easily leads to burnout and frustration. An employee in this state isn’t good for anyone. Think about the long term, and don’t be afraid to stand up for personal priorities. You’ll be a more productive and respected employee for just saying no sometimes. And your family will benefit as well.

Working Parents Are Not Alone

Last year, 34.2 million families had children under 18, with at least one parent employed in 89.7% of those. That’s a lot of working parents out there. Here a few more statistics. Know that you are not the only one striving for work life balance, and next time, just say no.

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