Unique Western Style Look

How to Impress with a Unique Western Style

Unique Western Style Look

Standout from the crowd and impress with a unique Western style. Just add handmade accessories that reflect your personality to your favorite outfit. Here are a few tips to get started:



Select Your Unique Western Style Theme

Think about the elements you like the most. This will be the starting point to create the unique Western style you always dreamed for. There is a wide variety of iconic figures to choose from. You can mix and match horses, crosses, flowers, horseshoes, lone stars, butterflies and many other themes that will help you make a statement anywhere you go.

Unique Western style Turquoise Chip Buckle

Floral turquoise chip buckle

Barbosa Collection cuff with unique Western style horse design

Barbosa horse head cuff

Unique Western style horse shoe cuff

Barbosa horseshoe cuff






Use Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry and accessories give you the prestige of wearing unique pieces. Dont break the bank to enjoy exclusivity. There are many artists that offer fascinating designs from $20. Just visit small boutiques at your closest street mall. You will enjoy looking at products that are not available in store chains. You can also search handmade jewelry collections online. Your Paris Market is a great source that features limited lines from several designers, such as Felipe Barbosa, a highly recognized artist who has designed jewelry for several celebrities, including the American singer Carlos Santana. 

Pick Genuine Materials

Accessories made from genuine materials give you a luxurious look. You will make a fantastic impression by wearing pieces made of gold plated 24K or German silver, bronze, Swarovski crystal, leather, silk, pearl, turquoise and other authentic gemstones.  Another advantage of buying accessories from quality material is durability. This is a very important factor to consider when creating your Western looks. The reason why is because a unique Western style will never be out of fashion. So, be prepared to pass your new Western acquisitions to next generations!

Check Out Unique Western Style Pieces at Your Paris Market  
Ornate Silver plated bracelet with feather engraving and crystal with unique Western style

Silver plated bracelet with feather engraving, crystal and leather

Barbosa bracelet made from hand cut blue glass, white pearls, antiqued silver plated with gold roses with unique Western style

Hand cut blue glass, white pearls, antique silver plated and gold roses

24K gold dangling floral hoops with Montana beads and Swarovski crystals

24K gold, with Montana beads and Swarovski crystals

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