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Should I Download Snapchat? – Answer for the Baby Boomers

Yes, it’s that app with the dog face! And yes, if you have a grandchild or young niece or nephew, they have the app. They may have asked you to join their selfie where your onscreen face instantly transformed into a bumble bee or a vomiting pineapple. So hip! So connected! Now, you kind of sort of want to jump on board and download Snapchat…am I right?

Is It Cool to Download Snapchat? 

Yes! Download Snapchat to make it easier for your younger family members to 1) remember to connect with you, and 2) send you more frequent updates since Snapchat is faster than constructing text messages.

The younger generation would rather have you on Snapchat than Instagram because it is very easy to hide their content from you. You will be blocked from their story (sorry, just being honest).

Rules to Snapchat

Snapchat’s design allows users to view content that they want to see. For you, this means that you cannot use the app “too much” and be deemed uncool. Sure, you Download Snapchatcan spam somebody’s inbox, but just consider the exchange like any other conversation: you send a photo, they respond to your photo, you may send back a video, and so on.

The biggest feature to know about the app is that there is no sneaky stalking. When you look at your inbox and “open” a Snapchat, the sender will see a read receipt. If you view somebody’s story, your name is tagged to that story for the poster to see. Proceed with caution.

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We will continue this lesson in the next blog post where you will learn how to navigate through the app. In the meantime, download Snapchat, play around, and have fun! If you have any questions regarding the app, please sound off in the comments.

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