Say Aloha to Hula in North Texas

Hula In North Texas? The moves, chants and aloha found at North Texas hula school Ka Pa Hula O Manulani will make you feel Hawaiian at heart and have you saying aloha to hula in North Texas!

Put Down the Coconut and Back Away Slowly
It’s not quite what you’d expect when you think of hula class. There are no fake grass skirts or coconut bras at this halau (that’s Hawaiian for hula school); instead, you’ll find a beautiful array of bright, colorful skirts, traditional chants, graceful dance moves, and a warm Hawaiian welcome.

“Since there are no gender or age restrictions, the students in our school are comprised of every walk of life. If you’re not Hawaiian, you become Hawaiian when you walk in the door,” said hula instructor Leilani Birkmire.

Love and War in Texas
“Since hula and ancient Hawaiian martial arts motions were connected in ancient times, men used to dance hula to help them stay battle ready,” said Daniel Alvarado, a hula student. Therefore, men learn to dance hula as gracefully as the women in this hula school. “There is also a strong sense of unity, of family; every person that joins us becomes a hula sister and brother for life,” says Alvarado.

No Dance Experience Needed
Do you want to learn the traditional dance of hula and all about the Hawaiian culture? You don’t have to be a skilled dancer, or a dancer at all. Hula dancing is about what you feel, and that’s what the Aloha spirit is all about.

Find out more here and say aloha to hula in North Texas for yourself!


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