Greek Goddess style necklace with wing

Look Like a Celebrity with a Greek Goddess Style

Enjoy celebrity treatment with an easy to make Greek goddess style. Here are great ideas to create this look with some of the items you already have:

1. Use a Loose Draped Dress to Create Your Greek Goddess Style

Just get a draped white, ivory, green, blue or black dress. Yes, that same dress you have in your closet since a long time. You could also wear a solid blue, green or black dress. A sleeveless cowl neck top, or an open shoulder blouse matched with a long or asymmetric skirt would work as well.

2. Add Gold or Silver Accessories

Accessories are essential for a Greek goddess style. Below are the items you will need in order of priority:

Greek goddess style necklace with roses, leafs and pearl

Barbosa Jewelry 24K Gold Plated Goddess Rose Pearl Drop Necklace

Jewelry: Leaf or snake themed jewelry pieces would create an authentic Greek goddess style. Identify the accessories you already have and complete the look with pieces from your favorite store. Delicate designs can give you a romantic and feminine look whereas more elaborated pieces will reflect a sexy and radiant appearance. There is a wide variety of items to use, from shockers to cuff bracelets, earrings, combs, leaf tiaras and rings. If your goal is to look stunning, search for handmade Greek Goddess jewelry. You will be surprised by the exclusive designs and high quality materials you will find. 24k gold plated pieces by Felipe Barbosa are highly recommended. You can see part of his collection at


Belts: Key accessory to highlight your dress and to hold it on your waist. This is nothing to stress about. You can try a simple gold chain, a cord or an elaborated braid or leaf design.

Sandals: Use strapped heels for special occasions and flat or gladiator sandals for more casual events.


3. Add Character to Your Hair

Braids, waves, updos, natural hairstyles with movement and volume are the best options. There are many tutorials for braids and Greek Goddess hair styles. Click here to see some examples.


4. Get a Glowing Makeup

This will be the final touch! You can go from a natural summer glow to a shimmering and fantastic creation. There are many bronzing products that can help create a glowing look but it may not be necessary to buy any special makeup. If you have golden-tone, brown and light eyeshadows and feel confident about your current foundation, then you are good to go. There are plenty of tutorials available to create a glowing makeup. Just find out what products you have that could be used as substitutes to get the same effect.


5. Use Images of Celebrities as Inspiration

Images available from Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria are great go by’s for elegant looks. Click here to checkout fabulous Greek goddess styles.

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Best of luck!

Emilia Lara
Twitter: @ccsdfw

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