How to Navigate Snapchat

How to Navigate Snapchat – Help for the Baby Boomers

Disclaimer: Learning how to navigate Snapchat will be your biggest challenge of all social apps. If you can master this platform’s interface, you are prepared to climb Mount Everest. Or at least deserve an e-certificate for your LinkedIn, which shall be available in a downloadable PDF at the end of this lesson.

Last week, we asked ourselves if we should download Snapchat. Now, let’s learn how to use your new social platform!

How to Navigate Snapchat

The app will open in camera mode and feature your face and its double chins. See image (right) as we go through the buttons. How to Navigate Snapchat

  1. Capture – Click the circle to take a picture, or press and hold down the button to capture video.
  2. Inbox – Check to see if your friends have sent you photos, videos, and chat messages.
  3. Newsfeed – View your friends’ stories along with checking your own stats.
  4. Memories – Saved content that you captured.
  5. Bitmoji – [Lesson soon to come!]
  6. Search – Find what other users (friends and non-friends) have posted.
  7. Flash – Toggle your flash option.
  8. Flip Camera – Alternate between regular and front-facing camera.

Congratulations on completing your lesson of How to Navigate Snapchat. As promised, please click here to download your e-certificate of completion: Certificate of Completion – How to Navigate Snapchat. If you end up providing this information in a job interview, please post your experience in the comments below!

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