#GirlCrush Short Hair Looks

We’re our own worst critic. I’m too fat, my nose is too big to wear short hair. What if you found the right #GirlCrush short hair look for your face shape? Did that get your attention?

Celebrity #GirlCrush Short Hair Envy

Do you have a female celebrity that you have an intense admiration for because of her style? Let’s take a look at her face shape and see if her short hair is right for you!

Round Face: #GirlCrush Emma Stone

#GirlCrush Short Hair

Emma Stone #GirlCrush Short Hair

Round Face: A round face looks like a complete circle. “Best shape for short hair”

THE RIGHT CUT: Try spiky chopped layers around the crown of your head.

WHY THIS CUT: This will downplay the roundness and add length to your face



Square Face:  #GirlCrush Rihanna

#GirlCrush Short Hair

Rihanna #GirlCrush Short Hair

Square Face: All features on your face is one shape all the way down

THE RIGHT CUT: Subtle bangs with a short long layered bob.

WHY THIS CUT: This will highlight your cheekbones vs. your full chin



Oval Face: #GirlCrush Jessica Alba

#GirlCrush Short Hair

Jessica Alba #GirlCrush Short Hair

Oval Face: Narrow cheekbone and thinner jawline

THE RIGHT CUT: Long layered bob to hug the chin.

WHY THIS CUT:  Empasize your narrow cheekbone.





Heart Face: #GirlCrush Halle Berry 

#GirlCrush Short Hair

Halle Berry #GirlCrush Short Hair

Heart Face: Broad forehead paired with wide cheekbones and a small chin. “Best Model Cheek Bones”

THE RIGHT CUT: Tousled pixie on top and cut evenly on the sides.




Still can’t decide if you’re round, square, oval or heart shaped?  If not, head on over to InStyle Magazine for your personal Hollywood Makeover http://www.instyle.com/makeover?action=showMakeover&tab=hair&celebrity=ginnifergoodwin&alllist1

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