Gender Equality in Advertising Results in Improved Reputation and Higher Call-to-Action Scores for Advertisers

Gender equality in advertising is the new “must do” for all marketers who need to impact brand reputation.  In fact, an increase of +10% in Reputation and +26%  in Call-to-Action scores are possible through gender equality. Both directly impact sales.

The new gender equality in advertising movement was launched at the White House last year. Sponsors included the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), AFE (Alliance for Family Entertainment), the Girls Lounge, ABX and top national advertisers. The #SeeHer initiative calls for a +20% in the accurate portrayal of girls and women in all advertising by 2020.

ABX created the first and only Gender Equality Index™ (GEI) to help marketers measure success with gender equality in advertising. We tested more than 17,000 ads across media types and industries to develop this Index. The GEI helps marketers achieve success in showing both Females and Males in advertising.

So what do ads with good gender representation look like?  Over the coming months, we will share examples from each industry to help you see what works and help you avoid unconscious bias in your advertising.

Gender Equality in Advertising – Insurance

This week’s focus is on Insurance advertising since there’s some good material to work with. Here are three of the best-scoring gender ads.

1. Aflac – “Keep Your Lifestyle Healthy

This female-centric Aflac ad scored high in gender equality for advertising.Aflac has done a great job representing Females with this top-scoring TV spot. A young lady breaks her ankle and doesn’t have the right insurance, so has many problems. The spot shifts to how good health coverage would have changed her experience. Fortunately, the actress was not depicted as a klutz, but as a victim of circumstance. She is attractive, well-dressed, expressive, capable and has friends.

The ABX Gender Equality Index for the Female is 113, or 13% above norm, and helped drive Reputation (+44%). The Call-to-Action score (+12% ) was good, but stronger for sub-scores like Intent to Contact, Search the Web and Talk About the ad.

ABX gender equality in advertising scorecard for Aflac

2. Farmers Insurance Group – “Even a Chauffeur Terrier

Farmer's Insurance Group has a great ad in gender equality in advertisingThis 30-second TV spot is part of Farmer’s popular series, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” For gender equality in advertising, the Female character (+8% over norm) and Male (+15%) contribute to high Reputation (+79%) and Action (+26%).  The Female and Male characters present well as worthy of Respect and as Role Models.

Farmer's ABX Gender Equality Index scores

3. Geico – “Great Motorcycle Great Rates

Geico motorcycle TV spot puts both men and women in good gender equality in advertising light

Here’s a cute approach, presenting both Female and Male as super cool motorcyclists beneath a strong music track. The spot cuts to a promotional message with a very clean-cut Male pushing motorcycle safety classes and insurance. He scored highest for gender equality in advertising, at +10% over norm, and the Female scored +6%.

ABX Gender Equality Index scores for Geico

Both Message and Reputation were strong, but specific Calls-to-Action had high scores for Intent to Contact (+77%) and Recommend (+37%).

Gender equality in advertising influences both Reputation and Action. Whether you are using a clean-cut young woman (Aflac), more mature characters (Farmers) or edgy, cool dudes (Geico), make sure you present them respectfully and as role models. Your brand will thank you.


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