Gems in Texas: Keeping Austin Weird

Vacation, one word many of us find ourselves always daydreaming about. But What happens when you’re on a budget or have just limited days to enjoy a get-a-way?

Texas, the second biggest state in the entire United States by both area and population. Due to its size, native Texans rarely find themselves having to travel very far for quality vacation spots. In fact, one the top visited cities for luxury is non-other than the capital itself.

Austin’s attractions cater to all ages, within the city limits you’ll find bike lanes, alternative bars, food trucks, art and culture. It’s a melting pot of wonderfully curious and eccentric individuals, with enchanting scenic views and charming boutiques and restaurants.

Provided is a list of four of the most popular places to visit while in town.

Sixth Street

First and foremost, who doesn’t like exploring a street lined with bars, bars and more bars? Sixth Street is one of the most iconic streets in Austin. While bars are prominent throughout Sixth Street, you’ll also find your taste buds dancing from the exotic flavorful food you can get at the various food trucks conveniently parked outside the bars.

Zilker Park

A 351 acre park also known as the “jewel in the heart of Austin” its home to a natural spring-fed swimming pool, a sculpture garden, graffiti art and hosts one of the most coveted music festivals Austin City Limits. Zilker park is a great place for a breath of fresh air.

Congress Avenue

Unlike its more outlandish counterpart, Congress Avenue isn’t just an iconic Austin street, it’s a Texas landmark. With a one of a kind view of the Texas Capitol building, it’s a grand avenue lined with restaurants, bars and shopping.

The Capitol

Texas has a lot of history and what better way to learn about it then to go visit the State Capitol building. Built in 1888 the Texas State Capitol Building is 14 feet higher than the U.S. Capitol building ( I mean everything is bigger in Texas right?) The base is made of rusticated Sunset Red Texas granite; the dome is made of cast iron and sheet metal, topped by a Goddess of Liberty statue.

Although the list of activities to do in Austin can keep going on forever, these top four tourist attractions are a good step in the right direction to come see and experience when it comes to having a mini vacation in Texas.

Fortunately for lots of native Texans Austin is as little as a three and half hour car ride away. Next time you need a little get-a-away make sure to come check out the capital, after all, everyone needs their own Keep Austin Weird experience.

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