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Dallas-Dijon Twinning 60th Anniversary: You Are Invited!

Did you know about Dallas French twin sister? This sister city relationship looks like a well-kept family secret. Taking a closer look at the Dijon-Dallas twinning, you find a great match for two major cities and an anniversary this fall.

Dallas-Dijon Twinning

Robert L. Thornton (L) with Mayor of Dijon, Chanoine Kir at the Nieman-Marcus banquet during French Fortnight.

(Photo by Thomas D. Mcavoy/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Ask around. Nobody seems to be aware the city of Dallas has a famous French sister, Dijon, the capital of Burgundy. Every family has their secrets. This one is astonishing!

This Dallas-Dijon twinning story begins with prestigious parents and birth celebrations. In 1956, President Eisenhower, a Texan, announced the Sister Cities International organization.  The purpose is to foster friendship, cultural exchanges, economic growth and peace between cities. In July 1957, Dijon officially became Dallas’ French sister city.

Documents indicate Stanley Marcus as instrumental in the success of the project. The formal ceremony occurred in conjunction with Neiman Marcus’ first Fortnight featuring France.

At the twinning luncheon hosted by Dallas’ Mayor Robert Lee Thornton, the Dijon’s Mayor, Canon Felix Kir shined along with many dignitaries. In December Dijon renamed one of its street “Avenue de Dallas.”

A Great Match

Like in many siblings these sisters are different but also have a lot in common. These resemblances evidence why Dijon is a great match for Dallas. There is a family flavor.

Firstly, don’t mess with Burgundy, don’t mess with Texas. The two cities history screams their independent nature. Caution! Independence runs in their veins from the golden age of the dukes of Burgundy to the history of the Republic of Texas.

Picture of Dijon Secondly, both cities owe part of their wealth to their precious liquid gold, black for Dallas, gold, and ruby for Dijon. One runs through pipelines, while you pour the other into crystal glasses.

The climates of the Cote d’Or vineyards are now classified Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.


Thirdly, both cities love their beef, from Dallas barbecue, rib eye or chicken fried steak to the iconic Boeuf Bourguignon revisited by Julia Child.

Glass jar of yellow mustard

Both cities are also well-known for their unique condiment. Let’s not forget that Dijon is “the mustard capital of the world.” However, Texas is “picking up the pace” with its Salsa Picante. Bring some Dijon to the campfire; you will hear “Get a rope!”

Last but not least, both showcase their power through by their big initial D: “Big D” for Dallas and “Grand Dijon” for the Dijon’s metroplex.

60th Anniversary This Fall

Milestones have marked the Dallas-Dijon twinning such as the celebration of the 20th anniversary in 1977 as part of the Neiman Marcus “Fortnight” themed “Unknown (French) Provinces,” featuring Bourgogne.

More recently, in 2011, the exhibition “The Mourners, Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy” at the Dallas Museum of Arts (DMA) signed the most recent culmination of cooperation between the cities.

The planning of celebrations on the occasion of the 60th anniversary this fall is busy. Make sure you won’t miss out the festivities: follow us on Facebook or Instagram or even better, become a member of the Alliance Francaise.

To learn more about Dijon and its gastronomy, consult the excellent: destinationdijon.com, dijon.Fr, bourgogne-wines.com.

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