drunk and depressed man holding liquor bottle

Alcohol-Free Activities in DFW

Drinking is overrated. But what alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy?

You have stopped drinking. Now what? What alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy? How do you stay off the alcohol binge?  How will you spend your weekend, not to mention Sunday brunch?  The good news is there is a lot of fun things to do that can benefit you (no pun intended) and not actually affect you.

drunk and depressed man holding liquor bottle

Believe me, I’m not being judgemental. I was there too, and no, I didn’t get a DWI and I didn’t get in trouble in no way, shape or form. How I functioned and held a professional job is beyond me. There were several days my bones ached, my head felt it was exploding and because of it, I called in from work here and there. Sound familiar? Yes, we are not alone. However, there’s a point in life where most people come to the realization that drinking is a waste of time, money and energy. I finally got there, and I am glad I did.

So what kind of alcohol-free activities in DFW are there to enjoy? Can one still have fun? Well, let’s start by saying, when you are sober, you actually broaden your horizon to another different type of “fun”.

Consider the following activities:

Delve into your physical abilities

female rockclimbing holding on to handles

If you are bored with making happy hour your thing every occasion after work or on the weekends, instead, try a physically challenging activity. For example, indoor rock climbing. There are beginner levels and intermediate; auto-belays if you want to try rock climbing alone, and top roping if you have a partner. Once you loose the fear of rock climbing, try bouldering, which does not require a partner or a rope. Now try hanging with that! You can find one-time rock climbing deals in your city as well as monthly membership gyms that include rock climbing. If you want to try it out first without paying, ask your friend who has the expensive gym membership that includes rock climbing to take you with them as a guest.

Visit the lake

In Dallas-Fort Worth, there are several lakes. Do you live close to a lake? Then your ability to explore alcohol-free activities in DFW has quadrupled. For example, if you have not tried kayaking yet, try it with a couple of friends. After learning how to paddle, turn and get from one point to another,  take a break and enjoy a peaceful moment on the lake rocked by the waves, getting vitamin D and sun-kissed by the sun. Another activity to enjoy at the lake is reading a book under the shade or having a picnic! In addition,  if you enjoy the tranquility of the lake and feel adventurous, get a bike and get your cardio workout strolling down the beautiful scenery.female sitting on kayaking enjoying the view







Church shop

Whether you are a Christian or not, visiting a church and knowing about one of the largest religions of the world can be quiet interesting. Hearing a sermon here and there never hurt anyone, and definitely not after you’ve hurt yourself drinking all of those years. Not to mention listening to a drunk friend!  Moreover, being part of a community where you encounter a group of friendly and genuine folks is very beneficial and uplifting when trying to leave your drunk days behind. You will make some friends along the way and you may be asked to stay for potlucks. Do it! Did you accept shots from strangers or friends? Well, food is no different. Be grateful and enjoy!

Join a nonprofit 

What causes are you passionate about? Is it art, music, education, real estate, community? Join a non-profit looking for volunteers or board members. The smaller the nonprofit the easier it is to join. Research new nonprofits in your community. Many emerging nonprofits are eager to find volunteers and members to aid in their cause whether it is with time, ideas, fundraising, or implementing change in their community.

Finally, there are a couple of websites that will help you find alcohol-free activities. Check out MeetUp.com and Guidelive.com for a listing of activities in your area. Just stay away from those that are in a bar or include drinking alcohol.

Once you have made the decision to live a sober life, sticking to it is the hard part. Keeping busy is key. At first, you want to stay as far as possible from every bar, but as you replace your schedule with positive and fun things to do, staying sober becomes easier.

Now don’t be selfish. Share this article with a friend who is trying to find alcohol-free activities in DFW.

Relax. Life has just begun.

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