3 Beach Hair Ideas for Short Hair

The countdown to Summer ’17 is here! It’s time for bathing suits, sunscreen and beautiful weather. How will you transform your short hair into the perfect beach hair? It’s really simple, with beach hair ideas inspired by these top 3 on trend beach hair looks.

Short Hair Don’t Care

Beach Braid

Beach Hair Look 1: Beach Braid

One of the most terrifying thing for most women with textured hair is how to maintain the hair if it gets wet while on vacation at the beach or pool. One way to maintain textured hair while on vacation is to invest in a simple braid that can carry you to any pool or ocean.

Click here for DIY short hair braids:  http://Www.pintrest.com/explore/braiding-short-hair

Beach Hair Maintenance: If you need to add hair for your beach braid, make sure to purchase the right type of hair. Synthetic hair will look similar to a Barbie Doll, so you may want to invest in hair that’s real. The product to carry to beach to help maintain this beach look is a hair gel to help tame the fly-always. Remember the MUST have for this summer look is a satin pillowcase to help your beach braids look fresh!

Beyoncé Beach Bob

Beach Hair Look 2: Beach Bob
One of the most aspirational celebrities trending right now is Beyoncé Carter. Not just the celebrity attendance over the weekend at the #CarterPushParty, but her overall look. #QueenBey is the queen of picture perfect Red Carpet Looks. At the #Grammys in 2016, Beyoncé graced the Red Carpet wearing a stunning white dress and a Beach Bob. This Beach Bob is perfect for natural, straight or slightly wavy hair. Depending on your level of expertise when it comes to styling hair, you may do this look at home or a quick visit to your hairdresser.

Beach Hair Maintenance: The product must have for this look is a salt spray to help maintain and protect your hair. Wash, condition, spray and air dry into this beach favorite. Looking for the best salt spray for beach waves?  Go to http://Www.bestproducts.com/beauty/g1358/texturizing-sea-salt-hair-spray

Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe

Beach Hair Look 3: Beach Wave

Short Beach Wave

Summer is the time to have fun. Why not have fun with your cut and color (hey, it’s hair it will grow back). If you’re looking to liven things up, consider a bold blonde or platinum beach wave. This look is best obtained at your local hair salon. A good hair stylist can cut and color hair so you leave the salon vacation ready. If you’re looking for a hairdresser in your area to help you obtain this look, go to http://Www.salonfinder.tigihaircare.com

Beach Hair Maintenance: The go to product for this beach look is a product with UV protectant. Also, using a product with oil to penetrate to your cuticle is mandatory if you decide to rock a Blonde or Platinum Beach Wave look this summer. Remember don’t leave home without your satin pillowcase!

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