Awesome Social Media Customer Service Team

How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 2 Talent and the Team

An awesome social media customer service team makes customers feel valued, heard and understood. They do this while engaging to answer questions, resolve issues and build relationships. Make the strategy you developed following the steps in, How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 1 Philosophy and Approach, work by recruiting and onboarding a team that executes well.

Awesome social media customer service team talent requirements

Empathy, clear communication and effective problem-solving skills are key attributes of an awesome social customer service team.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings. You will recognize this gift during the interview process when the candidate demonstrates active listening skills. They listen to understand. Knowing they care about understanding means you can coach them to humanize brand engagement by making customers believe they are interacting with a human who feels their pain or joy. Empathetic people enjoy making others feel good.

Clear communication means listening well and responding appropriately. Customers want your team to understand and be helpful. The added challenge in social media is having to communicate in writing. Look for people who can write and comprehend clear, concise sentences. In addition to spelling, grammar and typing tests, use assessments that require candidates to develop written replies to common customer issues.

Customer service problem solving skills combine listening to understand with quickly identifying problems. The team that is able to do this finds solutions and fixes problems quickly. It’s a mindset. Problem solvers keep looking for answers even when they aren’t obvious. Even when they can’t resolve issues the way a customer wants, they make it clear they are trying. Look for people who are patient, caring and motivated by creating WOW customer experiences.

Finding the right talent will pay off in higher employee and customer satisfaction because the team will be all about delivering your brand promise. Your customers will reward you for building an awesome social customer service team by staying with you and recommending you and your products to friends.

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