Overcome Your Fitness Plateau: Tips and Advice

Image of a desert plateau

Don’t get stuck here!

You’ve been hitting the gym quite regularly lately and you’re seeing some positive results.  But for some reason, your results are slowing and the gains are fewer.  This is the dreaded fitness plateau.  This is one of the most frustrating and de-motivating phenomena that you can encounter in your fitness program.  You can overcome your fitness plateau by changing some things in your routine.  The following are some tips and advice to help you get off the plateau.

Change Up the Order

Doing the same workout routines in the same order each time you go to the gym is a good way to land on a plateau.  Your body gets “used to” your workout and it is no longer stimulating.  Try doing exercises in a different order, or change the way in which you do them.  If you normally do barbells, switch to dumbbells.  If you normally ride the bike, do the elliptical.  I think you get it.

Change Number of Reps and Sets

This is a good way to overcome your fitness plateau.  Consider changing to higher reps with lighter weights, or fewer reps with more weights.  Another thing to consider is “super sets”.   This involves training opposing muscle groups while the other rests.  For example, after doing a set of bicep curls jump right over and do some triceps extensions.  Or after doing chest press, go over and immediately do some lat pull downs.

Go at Different Times

Sometimes changing the time in which you workout can help you overcome your fitness plateau.

Take a Week Off

This may seem counterproductive, but it can help.  If you have been hitting the gym regularly for a long time, you may just need some rest.  Muscle is not built in the gym, it is torn down.  Muscle grows and repairs itself while at rest.

In Conclusion

You can overcome your fitness plateau!  It just takes a few small changes and the gains will come back.  Simple things like changing the order, reps and sets, going at different times, or even taking some time off are all great ways to overcome your fitness plateau that don’t cost any money!

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