Microchips Save Pets Lives!

microchip saves animals lives

A lucky Lady. Microchip information located her rescue after being scanned by the shelter.

Every day thousands of pets wander away or get lost from home. They dig out, get loose from their leash, or escape out a door. No matter how pets end up on the streets, a microchipped pet can find their way home much faster than an unchipped pet. Microchips help save pets lives by finding their owners quickly.

Last summer, Lady, a rescued shelter pet, was a little skittish and found it difficult to settle into her foster home. Lady saw that her foster mom left the front door slightly ajar when out checking the mailbox. An opportunity to escape, Lady flew out the door and was off and running. For nearly two weeks Lady ran through several neighborhoods within the City of Garland. Rescue volunteers scoured the streets, handing out fliers and talking to residents in hope of a sighting of the small skittish girl.

With numerous sightings and assistance from Garland city resident’s, Lady was tracked to an area.  However, she still didn’t allow herself to slow down. After running for more than ten days, Lady became tired and hungry and decided to camp out on a porch. Though she didn’t want to be caught, the Garland resident called the city shelter to help catch the little dog. The animal control officer arrived and Lady allowed herself to be scanned for a microchip. The rescue was immediately contacted and Lady’s rescue was on their way.

Garland Animal Shelter Institutes Microchipping

Last week the City of Garland Animal Shelter instituted a new policy. Microchipping all animals adopted from the shelter. This new policy should help many animals find their way home if they manage to find themselves wandering away from home. The adoption fee is now $105 though the additional fee, an increase of $25, is invaluable to any owner or pet. The microchip is a miracle to any owner who has located their lost microchipped pet.

Keep Your Microchip Up to Date

Microchips are not tracking devices, they are implants that contain a code that when scanned, track down the registered information. Microchip companies maintain information and owner’s address, BUT owners have to keep their information up to date. Addresses, phone numbers, and additional contact information must be kept current in order for the microchip to be useful for the pet once fo your pet has been microchipped and information kept current.

Verify that your pet has been microchipped and information kept current. Contact your local shelter, vet or mobile clinic to microchip your pet. Microchips can save your pet’s life!

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