Volunteers on Wheels, Transporting Shelter Pets

volunteer drives his wheels to transport a shelter dog

Jim Mann transports a dog out of the shelter for a rescue organization. 


Every day volunteers across the country open their car doors to transport a shelter pet to safety. Rescues rely on volunteers to pick up and transport shelter animals to their destination.

Animal rescue organizations throughout the states, rescue shelter pets from locations far away from their home base. Rescue organizations reach out to volunteer networks through social media for transporting assistance. Facebook and Instagram are avenues rescues utilize to post their needs. Transportation for shelter pets is often a short local trip such as pickup from a vet, meeting a foster across town, all the way to long distance drives across the state to rescue animals from a small rural shelter.

Transportation Via Social Media

In Texas, Facebook groups such as Texas Transport, is a much-used resource for both volunteers and rescues seeking transportation of shelter pets assistance. Volunteers post their upcoming trip plans, in hopes of filling up a back seat for a passenger in dire need. Volunteers are truly a lifeline for these shelter pets to reach safety.

One Trip Turned into Thousands

What started off as a quick trip to the shelter, ended up a full-time volunteer passion for one volunteer. Volunteer transporter, Jim Mann, drives now nearly daily to save the lives of shelter animals. Nearly ten years ago, Jim volunteered to drive a single rescue trip for a local Shih Tzu rescue. A rescue friend was quick to ask if he could drive for another trip… and his time on the road rescuing grew exponentially. Jim started volunteering his wheels and transporting shelter pets full-time. With more than 19,000 miles annually, Jim drives all over the state of Texas and often crosses into neighboring states to deliver shelter animals to their safety.

Volunteering Your Wheels

While not everyone is able to help full-time, transportation needs are often very short trips. Offering to pick up an animal at the shelter, drop off at an appointment, or make a single trip leg on a multi-volunteer cross country trip. Volunteering is very rewarding. Connecting a network of volunteers through social media has made a lifetime of difference for each pet’s life. Next time you make a weekend trip with an open back seat, consider helping a shelter pet make it safely to its destination.

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