Texarkana’s Old Town Museum Celebrates a Texas Treasure

Are you ready to experience life on the 1890’s Texas frontier?   At Texarkana’s Old Town Museum, you’ll get a glimpse of the railroad town once called the “Gate City of Texas”.   When you stroll through the shops you’ll imagine the sights and sounds of daily life on Broad Street.  Guides are also available to help you learn how the early residents of this Texas town worked and lived.  Opening to the public on May 12th, come explore this new Texas treasure. Image of Texas railroad station in Texarkana

 How this Texas Museum came to life

Dr. Beverly Rowe was inspired to recreate the early history of Texarkana after visiting a similar exhibit in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2010. After purchasing two historic buildings on Broad Street, Dr. Rowe and her husband are building both the Lindsay Railway Museum and Texarkana’s Old Town. Since Texarkana was built at the junction of two major railways (Cairo & Fulton and Texas & Pacific), there’s a lot to document about the early settlers of this Texas town. Using local donations and preservation grants to help with reconstruction, this Texas Museum has come to life.  You’ll enjoy exploring the street that started it all in Texarkana.

Horse in Texarkana's Old Town Museum

So what’s in the museum?

Texarkana’s Old Town recreates 11 storefronts open on Broad Street between 1890 and 1910. Ready for a new outfit? Visit O’Dwyer and Ahern’s Dry Goods shop or the Men’s store to see what fashion was like in this growing town.   At Josh Whealdon’s Photography studio, take some selfies using the Victorian themed backdrops and props. You’ll want to stop in at Booth Furniture to see the latest in furniture and home accessories for your Victorian home. As you stroll down Broad Street, visit Ragland’s Cigar shop, Chatfield Burhmann hardware store and the butcher shop. At the livery stable, meet “Rags” our local nag who knows all the town gossip.   After all that shopping, finish your visit to Broad Street at Cassidy’s Saloon where you can enjoy a refreshing soda fountain treat.

Ready to plan your trip? Texarkana’s Old Town Museum is located at 202 East Broad Street.  Learn more about this Texas historic town and other great museums you can visit here.




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