Strengthen Social Media Fundraising

Do you know how your organization could strengthen fundraising with social media?  Why not check out practical possibilities that are effective and budget friendly.  Here’s some examples of how to use social media to strengthen your current fundraising practice beyond a credit card form on your web site.

Strengthen Social Media for Events

Add a web page to your spring walk or run that gives power to your sponsors and supporters.  Let them create a web page to tell their story of support for your organization with photos, videos and content.  Set a donation goal and raise funds before, during and after the event to a specified date.  Create competition across the teams with a prize and include social media recognition.

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A Crowdster Event Web Page

Keep individual ticket sales and donations in your process.  Add the request to your sponsors to build community awareness.  With personally designed web pages for each sponsor, you make it easy for them to drive engagement from their employees.  And employees can share with family and friends the event through their favorite social media channels right from the sponsor web page.  It’s a personal appeal, not a form.

On the event day, attendees can use their mobile devices to buy tickets and donate to raise additional funds for a favorite team.  You make it easy to give.

Strengthen Social Media for Galas

Table sponsors are committed.  But why not multiply their impact?  Set a fundraising goal for the table and let the host and invited attendees spread the message on social media with a personalized web page.  Supporters who can’t attend can still give to the cause and be part of the total dollars raised.  Highlight their support on your web page.

At the gala, use a mobile phone appeal to collect additional donations after the speaker engages the audience.

Strengthen Social Media for the 4th Quarter Push

Start now to line up your board and associate board members to participate in your 4th quarter push.  Find and appoint a social media leader from the board.  Identify opportunities for a web based social media campaign.  One option could be to focus on donors from an age group or community you haven’t targeted previously.  Create ideas and line-up broad support.

Partner with Crowdster for Strength

Crowdster brings experience and expertise to your table with documented results.  Make this the year you raise more funds by using social media.  Crowdster will make it easy to strengthen your appeal beyond a credit card form.  The Board and community will thank you!

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