Boutique Breeder Puppies sold at The Shops of Willow Bend Mall

rescued teacup puppy

Pixie is a teacup chihuahua, rescued from a local animal shelter.


While rescued shelter pets seem to the top choice when adding a furry family member, not so for the Plano, Texas, shopping center. The Shops of Willow Bend has a boutique tenant offering both teacup breeder puppies and tiny clothes to dress them up in.

Mall Boutique Sells Puppies

Located just outside of Neiman Marcus’s mall interior entrance, Teacup and Toys Boutique offers the small dog pet owner a number of items, including designer breeder puppies for sale at couture prices. The store’s puppy prices range from $1,875 to $6,000. They also offer puppies for adoption for $100 to $875, with an occasional free pet offered for an application fee of $100 after placing your name on a waiting list. Though the puppies are cute, there are many adorable ones waiting in shelters for thousands of dollars less.

Designer Puppies Available at your local Animal Shelter

There is a misconception by pet adopters that purebred, or tiny teacups dogs can’t be found in a city shelter. Unfortunately many lose their life daily due to lack of space at shelters. While the shelter’s staff try to give animals as many opportunities as possible to be adopted or rescued, they run out of space. It’s not only stray pets in local shelters. Breeders add to the overpopulation of shelters. Many breeder dogs end up in shelters after their owners lose interest or don’t spay or neuter their pets. Often people say, oh just one litter, but they don’t realize the long impact on the increase in pet overpopulation. Just one male and one female can produce 67,000 puppies in six years.

Teacup Puppy Rescued from Local Shelter

teacup puppy rescued from a local kill shelter

Pixie was adopted through a rescue and has found her forever home.

Purebred pups, designer dogs, teacups and breeds of all shapes and sizes are available at local kill shelters. It is estimated that 25% of all shelter animals are purebred pets. Recently rescued from the side of the road, Pixie, a teacup Chihuahua ended up in the shelter and was rescued fortunately due to her poor health. Texas Little Cuties was able to locate a foster home where she was able to regain her health and get ready for adoption. For a few hundred dollars Pixie was spayed, microchipped, and healthy for her new home. Thousands of dollars not necessary! Every day, many adorable pups are rescued and adopted for less than $100.

To find your perfect rescued pet, check out your local shelter, rescue or adoption website such as

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