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Cell Phone Use at the Gym

It is important to know the rules and etiquette for cell phone use at the gym. This basic knowledge will help you avoid embarrassment and potential loss of membership privileges.  Read on to see if you are at risk!

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happy customers jumping for joy because you gave great social customer care

Make Great Social Customer Care Your Competitive Advantage

Great social customer care, delivering the customer experience people want in social media, can become your competitive advantage. It may even make your customers jump for joy.

Everybody Wants Great Social Customer Care

Think of yourself as a customer. When you buy something that doesn’t work or stops working, how does it feel? What do you do? Chances are you don’t want to call the 800 because that’s usually not a good experience. If you tweet them and they answer that would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? Continue reading

Animal Rescue – Saving A Shelter Life at a Time

shelter dog rescued pregnant chihuahua

Lil Mam finds freedom. Rescued from the Mesquite Animal Shelter by HOME.

Springtime has arrived early this year. Unfortunately for the life of a shelter dog or cat, the spring equates to a full shelter and shortens a pet’s opportunity to be rescued or adopted. Animal shelters have limited kennel space with animals arriving 24/7, and shelter residents residing the longest become out of time. Continue reading

Importance of Resident Satisfaction In Property Management

Woman Typing on Mac
The importance of resident satisfaction in Property Management is critical to the business’s reputation and brand image. In the modern world of advanced technology and digital communication, customers have access to a company’s ratings and reviews at the touch of a fingertip. How customers rate and review your business has the ability to make or break your reputation. High praise and customer satisfaction may potentially inspire trust in prospective clients while negative feedback and complaints may deter them from choosing to work with you. Continue reading

Coping in an open office

Is coping in an open office possible while keeping your sanity?   Shared office spaces save companies money, but only if employees are able to concentrate and thrive. Today’s open office environments are designed to encourage collaboration and workflow, but many studies suggest they are not as effective . Here are a few tips to help you navigate in an open environment. Continue reading