Overcome Writer’s Block With a New Perspective

Get happy again and overcome writer's blockThe air possesses the hint of writer’s block as the cursor sits silently on a blank, white screen. A few minutes pass, the cursor is sleeping and the screen begins a conversation with the keyboard.

Overcome Writer’s Block – A Conversational Viewpoint

The screen asks, “What’s wrong with her?”

The keyboard responds, “Apparently, her fingers aren’t working today.”

The screen knows it must be more than that, “I think she has run out of topics to write about and things to say.”

“It can’t be that! She is a 30-year veteran in her field. Thirty years – that’s a lot of experiences, stories, and discoveries. And, just ask the phone, she has plenty of advice and opinions too,” explains the keyboard.

“Well, maybe she doesn’t feel like writing about any of that stuff,” responds the screen.

The keyboard says, “It’s not an option. She has to write about something. And, it must be good.”

“You’re right. Maybe it’s just the pressure and she needs to go for a walk, get some fresh air or a soda,” responds the screen.

“I think she just needs to consider a new perspective. Just have some fun and start typing. She overthinks everything,” says the keyboard.

The screen exclaims, “You’re right! I wish we could tell her that.”

Use Perspective to Overcome Writer’s Block

SMU Professor Steve Lee advises his students to consider perspective when writing or building a marketing campaign. Look at something from another angle. Tell the story from a different viewpoint. This is a useful approach to overcome writer’s block. It offers an interesting way to present information that is often more engaging or entertaining. And, it’s fun for the writer too.

Often, writer’s block is a symptom of all the writing you have to do. Writing becomes routine. Writing becomes work and it disrupts the creative flow. Soon, the screen and keyboard are talking behind your back with the hope that you will intuitively find a new idea or a fresh start.

Overcome Writer’s Block and Enjoy Writing Again

While finding a new viewpoint helps, you overcome writer’s block by remembering why you like to write in the first place. You remember there are infinite ways to tell a story. It’s fun to craft a great beginning, a suspenseful middle, and a powerful end. Or, perhaps you start at the end. A wrong way might be the best way. Just start.

Start with a question, a quote, a conversation, something silly or something shocking. Have fun with it. Words can be deleted and sentences recrafted. You can’t have an end without a start.

Still stuck? Consider reading 10 Brilliant Examples of How to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang by Michael Pollack. Another good source for writing web copy is What to Write When You have Nothing to Say by Philobiz.

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