Pros and Cons of Online Dating When Looking For Love

Pros to Online Dating

There are both pros and cons to online dating when looking for love. Meeting people online in hopes of making a romantic connection can be very convenient, especially for people who lead busy lives. Online dating gives hopeful romantics the opportunity to meet potential matches from the comfort of their own home. For many people who have little free time traditional dating can seem almost impossible. Online dating gives hopeful’s the assurance that whomever they are communicating with is looking for the same things they are.

With online dating you can communicate with someone before deciding if you feel comfortable enough to meet them in person. You also may decide to not meet the individual on the other end of your phone or computer at all. Online dating helps you to feel like you already know the person you’ve been chatting with and can make meeting them in person that much easier.

Negative Aspects to Online Dating

Online dating isn’t all roses and butterflies. There are many things to take into consideration before choosing to go this route. A new concept that has come about over the past few years, catfishing, has become a huge issue with online dating. Catfishing means that someone pretends to be someone else and hides behind their identity. These individuals do this to trick people online into believing they are someone they aren’t. Perhaps someone more attractive, with a better job or a more exciting life.

A second con to online dating is lack of safety. Online daters take a huge risk by deciding to meet up with someone whom they have never actually met. It’s imperative that you take proper pre-caution and meet the person whom you have been communicating with in a public setting. It’s also a good rule of thumb to let your close friends or family know where you will be and who you will be with.
Overall there are both many pro and cons to online dating. People hoping to find love will have to outweigh the positive and negative aspects to online dating and decide if it is for them or not.

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