Social Media Customer Service Team

Let Go of Three Dangerous Social Customer Service Myths!

Myth #1 You don’t have to deliver social customer service.

Great social customer service is your new best marketing strategy. People trust ratings, reviews and the way they see you interacting with customers in social media far more than they trust your advertising and PR. According to Jay Baer in his book Hug Your Haters, you’re going to have unhappy customers no matter how good you are. He says, “if you’re lucky they’ll complain.” Since 95% of consumers never complain, engaging with the five percent is a gift. They will tell you where you need to improve. Show them you know what to do with a gift.

Myth #2 Social media is just another customer service channel.

Social media is completely different from any other channel. In voice, chat and email you have a one to one interaction between two people. If it goes poorly, it’s not great but it’s not a big deal. In social media the customer has a microphone and an audience. There are many reasons to pay attention, the most important is to keep your customers. Forrester tells us, “good customer service should capture the fundamentals of a great experience: ease, effectiveness, and emotion,” Forbes 2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic . You can design an easy, friendly, low-effort social media customer service approach that empowers your customers to love you.

Myth #3 Staff your program with millennials for success.

Although millennials are the customer segment with the highest expectations for social customer service response, 78% expect a response within a day, your social team will be more effective if you employ more seasoned customer care professionals. Empathy, great work ethic and excellent communication skills are imperative in this role. Social customer service is all about the customer. Millennials can be part of the team and grow into meaningful roles over time.
If you believed one, two or all three of these social customer service myths when you started reading this, now is the right time to let them go. Be the company with the best customer service strategy and you’re going to end up increasing lifetime value and loyalty.

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