Hilarious Gym Weirdos: A Guide to Sideshow Entertainment

If you have been to the gym in recent months you have noticed the massive influx of new members.  With this influx comes a golden opportunity for personal entertainment.   It is absolutely amazing how many hilarious gym weirdos there are.  This article showcases some of the best sideshows the gym has to offer.  Enjoy, and be on the lookout!  You could be missing out.

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The Kung Fu Fighter:  This is a rare and highly entertaining individual known for spontaneously busting out into kung fu/karate moves.   Oblivious to all around him, he kicks, punches, and lets out an enjoyable “Hiiiii-ya!”.  The world is this person’s dojo, and you are not invited.

The Solid Gold Dancer:  Similar to the Kung Fu Fighter, but far more common and less dangerous.   This individual is the king/queen of the solo line dance and could pass for a Milli Vanilli backup dancer.  They perform on a stage built for one, and usually their moves look highly involuntary.  Do not call an ambulance, simply soak in the show.

The Guitar Hero:  Often spotted in Zubaz pants and other attire fitting of an 80’s hair band, this person will awe and amaze you with the depth of their air guitar skills.  If they are truly adept at their craft, you might see some David Lee Roth inspired kicks or some AC/DC, Angus Young style antics.  Observe and enjoy from a distance.

The Next American Idol:  This person sings well-known songs poorly and loudly.  Safely inside the realm of their own mind, this person treats all in the building to a show that nobody should have to pay for.  It is best not to interrupt this person, as this generally leads to the song starting over.

In Summation:

In summation, if you refrain from going to the gym because you think it will be boring, think again.  There are a multitude of hilarious gym weirdos out there for your entertainment.  So, strap on your gym shoes and head out for a show!

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