Fundraise Using Personal Profiles

Check out Crowdster to create Personal Profiles for fundraising

Fundraising with Personal Profiles Using Crowdster

Join with the growing number of organizations that fundraise using personal profiles.   It is a great way to add capabilities to the development process and to spotlight teams and board members.

Individuals create a personal profile and post it on a web page with other profiles. Potential supporters click on the profile photo and go to a web page.  The message is a personal ask for a donation and to share support on social media.

Fundraise with a Team Using Personal Profiles

Using Crowdster software makes it easy to create personal profiles.  And you add new development capabilities and tap new donors. You probably already use Facebook or LinkedIn to share your photos and story. With the same knowledge you can create a personal profile to support a fundraising campaign.  With Crowdster software it is easy to create a personal profile that is a web page unique to you with photos, videos and a storyline.

Fundraise with a personal profile using Crowdster's software

Fundraise with Personal Profiles Using Crowdster

A group of parents wanted to raise funds for their school and each family created a profile.  The home page showed photos from multiple families with fundraising goals.  A supporter simply clicks on a photo,  goes to the family web page to read their story, donate, leave a message and post their action on social media.  Your personal profile becomes the web page for donations from friends and friends of friends of friends.   Crowdster’s software is easy to use and brings teams together in a fun process to raise awareness and donations.

Create Personal Profiles for Board Members

Board Members bring different strengths to the fundraising process.  Give them the option to use their social media skills to create a personal profile for campaigns.  Using your organization website, you can change your donation process from a credit card form to a specific web page for board member personal profiles.

Don’t wait to start talking to your board members about the power of personal profiles.  Test out the personal profiles with a small campaign and get ready for the spring/summer campaigns.   You want to ensure you are ready for the fourth quarter push with various options to meet your fundraising goals.

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