Exciting Theater Performances in DFW


Go see a play at Undermain Theatre in Deep Ellum

Galileo at Undermain Theatre, Dallas

Do you want to experience exciting theater performances? World class theater is happening in Texas.  In fact, DFW counts among the most creative areas for American theater.

And that means you have opportunities to experience remarkable performances and to meet with directors, actors, playwrights and many other interesting people who produce and enjoy exciting theater.

Here are some ways to make live theater a part of your life.

Find an Exciting Theater Performance

Search on live theater performances in DFW and you will see individual theaters listed as well as organizations who cover the art scene in DFW. Check out both types of websites.  Pay attention to the  “about” information for the theaters and the season and current offerings. Ticket purchasing is easy as well.

Theater Jones is one of several performing arts news organizations.   On the website you’ll find a calendar of activities, interviews, reviews and more. Nancy Churnin is the theater critic for the Dallas Morning News. It’s likely the play you are interested in will have information to review. DFW provides a rich array of theater options and it’s easy to learn about them.

See a Play at Circle Theatre Ft. Worth

Who Am I This Time at Circle Theatre, Ft Worth

Enhance Your Play Experience

Theaters in DFW also offer options to enhance your experience at the theater. Check the websites or call the theater to find out what they offer with the ticket. Before and after the play performance talks with the actors are fun. It’s an opportunity to learn about the play and then to discuss the performance with the actors. You’ll come away with more insights about the play and your fellow theatergoers.

Grow Your Theater Knowledge

Be on the lookout for opportunities to dig in deeper with theater. The Dallas Theater Center in the Dallas Arts District offers many options to enhance your theater knowledge including a bookclub, attendance at rehearsals, classes for acting and playwriting. Theaters also provide the opportunity for local playwrights to read their new play to an audience. You can engage in the process of seeing a new play develop.

Electra at the Dallas Theater Center

Electra at the Dallas Theater Center

Yemaya's Belly at Cara Mía Theatre

Yemaya’s Belly at Cara Mía Theater in Dallas

The Cara Mia Theater Co. performs from the Latino Cultural Center in downtown Dallas and offers plays and educational youth arts programming. They also provide in-depth “Community Conversations” on  issues confronting the Dallas community.

Don’t wait. Check out your play options today. A number of organizations provide, fund and cover the performing arts in DFW. Be part of the group.  Attend and engage in a play. Get to know your arts community.

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