Embracing the Four Agreements-Find Your Best Self

The Four Agreements-Embracing your best selfIt’s easy in our fast paced lives to neglect our spirits. Maybe you’re pleasing many others and not taking time to feed your soul. In the best selling book, The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz gives four rules that can help create balance and happiness. Consider this your roadmap to increase the satisfaction in your life. Small changes over time will add up to really big improvements in your outlook and relationships. The Four agreements below can help you re-write the script of your life.

Be Impeccable with your Word

Do you say what you mean and speak with integrity? Practice speaking authentically and from a place of love. Take responsibility to speak honestly and be prepared to follow through. Avoid gossip at all costs, both in yourself and others. Decide to consciously choose your words, tone and attitude to speak with clarity and non-judgement.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

This is a hard one to embrace. It’s easy to think others have agendas, but remember very little of what others say and do is a reflection of you. Think back to a time when you were angry and lashed out. Wasn’t it really more about the expression of your own feelings? When you feel a personal attack it’s more likely a projection of someone else’s reality.   Once you realize you don’t have to take others actions personally, you’ll become immune to those actions and begin to act with your personal authority.

Don’t Make Assumptions

If it feels funny or confusing you owe it to yourself to check it out. Assumptions spring from of a lack of information and are often way off base. Find the courage to ask questions and express yourself. If you communicate as clearly as you can you’ll avoid many misunderstandings and emotions. Learning not to waste valuable time playing out assumptions can transform your life. Use your inner wisdom and begin to practice non-judgement.

Always Do Your Best

Your best today may not be your best everyday. Give yourself permission to work to the best of your ability each day. Avoid saying, “I’ll try”. This is the ultimate cop out because it gives you an excuse to fail or not really try very hard. Instead, commit each day to do your best and follow through on those impeccable words. Be satisfied at the end of the day that you’ve done all you could, then be ready to do your best again tomorrow. Don’t give in to feelings of self-judgement and regret. Every day is another chance to do your best.

Start today by making a couple of small changes you can maintain. As your self confidence grows, you’ll be ready to take on more changes to live your most authentic life.

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