Animal Shelter Rescue – Heartworm Disease Prevention & Education Saves Lives

Rescued dog with Heartworm disease currently undergoing treatment

Paulo was recently adopted and is currently being treated for heartworms.

Just one mosquito. Yes, just one little nasty critter can bite and infect your best furry friend with heartworms and cause heartworm disease. Easily preventable, heartworms can kill, cause heart and lung damage in a very short time without maintaining your pet on monthly heartworm prevention.

Every day in animal shelters across the country, dogs are listed on a code red or euthanasia list because they are heartworm positive. Heartworm disease treatment can be very expensive. Antibiotics, x-rays, and immiticide add up quickly for owners, especially for large dogs – as the treatment cost is based on a dog’s weight. However, one local Dallas rescue doesn’t let that stop them from rescuing heartworm positive shelter dogs.

Local Animal Rescue Takes in Heartworm Positive Shelter Dogs

Texas Little Cuties (TLC) based in Plano, rescues many heartworm positive shelter dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. While the treatment process can take several months to complete, TLC is committed to rescuing these dogs. With a veterinarian volunteering her time and rescued priced treatments, TLC treats many shelter dogs that other rescues are unable to assist due to lack of funds, or veterinarian assistance.

Treating Heartworms

Rescued dogs undergoing heartworm treatments are often adopted during the treatment process. Adopters are often willing to work with the rescue organization during the process and are able to help monitor and keep the canine patient calm and happy. After the 90 days of treatment, the pup’s life is back to normal activity with walks and playtime.

However, all of this is easily preventable with monthly heartworm prevention. Many owners do not understand how easily dogs can become infected. Heartworm disease is not contagious but easily caught.

Making Heartworm Disease Prevention Easy

Texas Little Cuties educates its adoptive owners as to the importance of monthly heartworm disease prevention. Calendar reminders and smartphone alerts help owners to remember the monthly administration. Heartworm prevention is inexpensive, and many vets will sell single month prevention dosages for those on a tight budget, though annual heartworm testing is required.

To find out more about heartworm disease and its prevention check out the American Veterinarian Association website.

Texas Little Cuties is always in need of volunteers, transportation assistance, and financial support to continue their efforts.



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