Animal Rescue – Saving A Shelter Life at a Time

shelter dog rescued pregnant chihuahua

Lil Mam finds freedom. Rescued from the Mesquite Animal Shelter by HOME.

Springtime has arrived early this year. Unfortunately for the life of a shelter dog or cat, the spring equates to a full shelter and shortens a pet’s opportunity to be rescued or adopted. Animal shelters have limited kennel space with animals arriving 24/7, and shelter residents residing the longest become out of time.

This week was no different at local DFW shelters, where many unwanted pets found themselves residing. At the Mesquite shelter this week, a local resident arrived to surrender six Chihuahuas from his backyard breeding operation. Unsocialized and terrified, one of the six abandoned Chihuahuas was discovered by the shelter staff to be pregnant in need of immediate rescue. Thankfully, a local rescue, Home Rescue-House of Meows, stepped up the same day to rescue the pregnant Chihuahua and her soon to be litter from being delivered at the shelter.

Foster Home, A Shelter Dog’s Second Chance

Lil Mam, as her foster mom calls her, is very shy and acts confused when shown any affection. Though House of Meows isn’t sure how far along Lil Mam is in her pregnancy, she is now is receiving much-needed care. Not only did House of Meows step up to save one soon to be homeless Chihuahua family this week, they also rescued a three-week-old Rottweiler mix puppy, Moxi, from the Dallas Animal Shelter. To young to feed herself, Moxi, keeps her foster parent busy with bottle feeding every five hours.

Rescued puppy bottle baby shelter animal rescue

Moxi is a 3-week old bottle puppy rescued from the Dallas Animal Shelter.

While both foster dogs require constant attention, the reward is worth the long hours. Rescuing abandoned shelter pets, and finding their forever homes is very rewarding to the lives of its volunteers and its future adoptive families. DFW animal rescue organizations save hundreds of animal shelter lives weekly, though there aren’t enough foster homes to save all the animals in need. Adopters, volunteers, and supplies are always needed and in short supply.

How YOU Can  Help Shelter Animals

House of Meows relies on its volunteers and donations to save those who can’t speak for themselves. And local DFW shelter Facebook networking page Shelter Animals of Garland, Mesquite, and Rowlett, provide shelter animals’ exposure to thousands of Facebook users daily. To volunteer, donate or follow these organizations like+follow their facebook pages.

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