Starting Social Media Fundraising

Do you want to do more for organizations that are solving problems that effect you and your community?  Are you interested in how people like you are discovering the power of social media fundraising?  If so, find out how you can help family, friends and colleagues support things you all care about.

The Growing Power of Social Media

A 2014 report in the Journal Of Public Economics  confirmed the rising power of social media to direct needed funds to good causes.  First, online social media raised as much as $22 billion for charitable causes in 2010 alone.  That was up from only $7 billion in 2006.  That means online social media donations leapt from 2% of total giving to 8% of total giving in only four years.   Moreover, that growth continues.

Second, new donations grew significantly when people used social media to ask family, friends and colleagues to join in support of a good cause.  Many charities found that the most significant growth in new donations came from their supporters’ use of social media.  This one step not only increased total donations but also the number of new donors at virtually no cost.

How to Start Social Media Fundraising

Charitable organizations traditionally rely on known supporters for individual donations and participation in regular fundraising events.  Typically, these efforts have been well planned and are successful.  However, social media has begun to help supporters greatly multiply their fundraising impact.

Social Media Fundraising with Crowdster

Start Social Media Fundraising

One powerful, easy-to-use tool for social media fundraising, is Crowdster’s FriendRaiserTM .  It enables individual supporters to create their own professional web page to publicize their own event or fundraising campaign.   Moreover, FriendRaiserTM spreads this information through a number of social media channels.  Each web page tells a supporter’s story with their own words, photos and videos.  The process continues making it easy for others to join in support.  It doesn’t stop with one event or campaign.

Your Easy Next Step

Are you interested in how a tool like FriendRaiserTM could work for you? And do you also what to know how others like you are using it?  Click here to get more information on Crowdster.

Then, talk with the leaders of your favorite charity to explore how social media fundraising could improve their success.


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