Insights from Inaguration Weekend

In the books 

Insights from Inaguration Weekend included history being made as President-elect, Donald Trump swore in to be the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the celebratory day and hear the Inagural Address that would give hope to the nation for years to come.

Anything could happen

This years election was unpredictable, unexpected and spearheaded by two unlikely candidates. A previous First Lady, Senator of New York and Secretary of State, and a real estate billionaire television personality. Keeping up with both presidential candidates throughout the campaign has been no easy task for citizens as media stations sensationalized the candidates key messages. Many times watching the news it was hard to determine what was fact or fiction.

Insights to Inaguration Weekend 

Despite a rocky campaign process, January 20th, is a day our nation will always remember. Below are three insights from attending Inauguration Weekend.

insights from inauguration weekend

The United States Capitol days before President-elect Donald J. Trump took the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

Security was at an all time high 

Security was at its peak during the swearing in ceremony.  One hundred square blocks, 2.7 square miles in the District of Columbia- was closed for road closures. With 900,000 people coming into the city for the weekend, an estimate of 28,000 personnel were present for duty including the Secret Service, Police, Capital Police and National Guard US Secret Service, FBI and Transportation Security.

Protestors made their presence known 

Protests were rampant throughout the city during Inauguration Weekend. Citizens wanted their voices to be heard. In particular was the nation wide women’s march the day after Trump took oath, regarding women advocating on behalf of reproductive rights and the right to control their bodies. It was attended by various celebrities including Madonna, Cher, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron. It sent a message to the nation that women will not back down regarding their individual rights and will not be silent.

Extensive attendee list

In town for the historic weekend was previous presidents and their wives including Barrack and Michelle Obama, George W. Bush and Laura Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. It was difficult to maneuver around the city due to high levels of security and street closures. Various balls were attended by high profile individuals. In particular, Paul Ryan attended the Oklahoma State Society Ball at the Hotel Monaco.


Inaguration Weekend was a once in a lifetime experience that marks a new chapter for the nation. Insights to remember from Inaguration Weekend were the security, protestors and individuals who were a part of this historic time.

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