Build a Social Media Community


Do you want to build a social media community that supports your passion?  A major nonprofit has found a way to provide its many volunteers with powerful new tools to raise funds.   The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) is the leader in the fight to treat and cure cystic fibrosis.  This genetic disorder effects 30,000 people in the US, half of them under the age of 18 

Build a Social Media Community of Volunteers

CFF has for decades fought to treat and cure cystic fibrosis.  It is a devastating disease that damages the lungs, intestines and other vital organs.  The foundation promotes awareness, accredits treatment centers, provides research grants and directly helps victims and their families.

CFF is known nationally for major annual events, including Great Strides walks and hikes, golf tournaments, and dinner dances.  But leaders believed they needed to help their volunteers create their own events and find new ways to build support and raise funds.

Build a Social Media Community

Passion Fundraising with CFF

Crowdster: A New Way to Build Community

Crowdster is known for its breakthrough methods of  “do it yourself ” fundraising.  The new software hands the power of social media to an individual.   After a careful search, CFF leaders found that Crowdster not only added new abilities, it fit in well with their existing ways of working.  Together with Crowdster, CFF has created “Passion Fundraising” that helps spirited volunteers find new ways to support CFF’s mission.

Passionate supporters now create effective, professional quality web pages that have real fundraising power.  Volunteers think up and shape their own events.  They schedule their own activities and can set their own fundraising goals.  Volunteers can easily design and post web pages that recruit participants, process donations and foster feedback.   Successes include a father’s “Climbing the Roof of Africa for Jennifer” and a “Nordic Hike” for a dear friend.

CFF supporters now raise funds year round.  Their ideas are automatically posted across all leading social media outlets.  And they more effectively communicate about their passion with family, friends and colleagues.  Through them, they reach out to a much wider network of new CFF supporters.

Build a Social Media Community

CFF Volunteer Events

Results with Passion Fundraising

In 2015, CFF’s Passion Fundraising volunteers raised $4 million!  Click here to create your own  CFF Passion Fundraising site.  And check out Crowdster to support your passions.


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