Best practices push notifications

Best practices for push notifications

If done right, best practice push notifications will continue to bring users back to your app.  Making and keeping a connection to your users is critical.  Push notifications can be an effective, affordable way to keep your app users engaged.  It is critical to strike the right balance between informative messaging and spam-like behavior that turns users off.   Here are 3 best practices that will help you get the most from your program.

Build push notification calendar and base line metrics

Review your notifications schedule to determine the number and timing of your messages. Which events are most critical to message with a “push” vs. using another channel?  Use analytics to understand which messages are providing the best click-through rate.  Lastly, make sure you understand the connection between each message and  uninstall rates.

Personalize and deliver value

Once you have an understanding of your best push notifications,  can you drill down further to understand your segments?  Personalize messaging for these 3 segments to further improve your metrics.

  1. Most engaged-they love you, how can you keep them coming?
  2. Bulk of the file-interested in your brand, but over message and you risk losing them.
  3. Lapsed-can you entice them to return with a special offer?

Next, refine your messaging making sure you deliver value in each of these segments.   Utilize AB testing to help determine the types of copy, formats and messages that bring improvements to each segment.

Maximize your timing to stay relevant

The quickest way to end a relationship with your app is through a poorly timed message.  A push notification in the middle of the night will not make many friends. Pay attention to the best time of day for your notifications and make sure you are delivering “right now” messaging. Below are a couple of recent examples, both good and bad.

Best practice push notification-poor example

Miss-sent last Thursday when local Dallas temperature was 77 degrees.

Best practices push notification-good example

Hit-sent yesterday inviting shoppers to the Valentines Day gift shop.

Use these best practices with your push notifications to stay engaged with your app users.  By setting clear standards and continuing to deliver value, you can insure great results for your business. Read more about improving your app messaging program at this link.

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