Trump Emotional Intelligence

It’s been endorsed as the secret to success even more so than IQ. When you listen to Donald Trump speak he seems to be lacking in Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence defined is the ability to identify and control your own emotions. Just as important is recognizing your emotional effect on others.

The ability to harness these emotions is critical. Leaders must  apply them in a positive way to tasks like thinking and problem solving. Even more important is the ability to manage these emotions. This includes the ability to regulate your own emotions. This enables leaders to cheer up or calm down another person or group.

Trump, however, may be a victim of Emotional Intelligence’s dark side. Last year, a group of Austrian psychologists reported a link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and narcissism. This implies that some high EQ people may use their charm to seduce for selfish purposes. This means that a person with a high EQ could be charming yet deceptive.

Many of the conservatives in the Republican party believe that this is the real Donald Trump. Another study showed that a manipulator like Trump with a high EQ was more likely to publicly embarrass someone else. They do this in order to promoted themselves.

With so many supporting Trump, maybe a high EQ is not always an asset. In a 2013 study of college students, it was found found that those with a higher EQ were more likely to be duped. This reason seems to be that those with a higher EQ are overconfident when it comes to reading others.

So who is the real Donald Trump? Is he the one with the low EQ who lacks the ability to motivate others? Can he harness his own emotions? Does he use his emotions in a positive way. Can he calm down or cheer up another person or group?

Or is he the manipulator? Is he the guy who uses the darker side for EQ? Does he use his charming and seductive qualities to deceive? You the voter, will have to decide.



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