Superstars Resolve

Tony Robbins Superstars Have ResolveWhat makes a superstar? Whether in athletes or business, superstars have one thing in common and that is resolve! So says super coach Tony Robbins. Robbins says that whether it’s a star athlete or CEO the superstars possess one thing in common and that’s resolve.

What is resolve? First lets lay the foundation. At the pro level of any endeavor, let’s say in athletics, most work hard, are big, strong and fast but the superstar, like a Michael Jordan, possess the one thing that separates them. Resolve!

Superstars have ResolveResolve is, in the athletes mind and the super CEO, the mindset that says, “I’ve already done it.” They have keen senses of vision that they can see exactly what they want and they walk as if the challenge has already been done. This ability to visualize enables them to see exactly what they want their outcome to be and they behave as if they already accomplished their feat.

A big part of resolve contains the ability to anticipate. The great ones are able to anticipate where their teammates are going to be as well as the opposition. It’s the superstar quarterback who knows where his receiver is going to be before he passes the ball. It’s the linebacker that knows what angle of attack to take as he visualizes and anticipates the runner’s position and how he will make the tackle. These are the ingredients that make up resolve.

Back to the great quarterbacks, they have this same sense of anticipation of not only knowing where their receiver will be but also where the opposing defensive back will be. You’ve heard the term, when describing a superstar quarterback, as being able to “feel” the blindside rush as if he had eyes in the back of his head. This is called anticipation and it comes from a resolve within the performer that says, “I see it, feel it and taste it because I’ve already been there and done that even before it ever happenned .”


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