Social Media Exclusion in Girl World.

So you are not invited to the party and now you are suffering from social media exclusion. Gone are the times when a teen was content to be home with a girlfriend doing an all night movie marathon instead of going to that party. Now the teens are glued to their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat watching live streams of the party unfold in real-time. 

The new bully, Social media exclusion.

There is a new bully in town and it’s called social media exclusion. This is a generational bully that extends from mothers to daughters.  It is found across across multiple social media channels, from the mother’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to the daughter’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

One hundred likes and hearts can hurt.

Social media exclusion

That group party picture got over 100 hearts on the daughter’s Instagram account.  That same post on the mother’s Facebook account received over 131 likes.  This post has made the two excluded teenagers feel as though the entire seventh grade and their mothers now know they were not invited to that party.  This social media exclusion can be worse than cyber bullying.

Bullying starts with the parent.

It is sad that we have two bullies here and the bullying begins with the parent. The bully mother leads by example with let’s get a great group picture for my Facebook. This trickles down to the daughter and her friends as they upload multiple social media posts across their Instagram, Snapchats, and Facebook.

Can I comment, I want to throat punch you?

Does this mother not remember we are friends on Facebook? Does she not realize we are all watching the party unfold live with their social posts? Did she forget we are hosting the group of sad kids that she chose to leave out? At times like this it is better not to respond, “Looks like great fun, but I’d like to throat punch you for leaving some girls behind!”

Let’s reconsider how we are all using social media.  Let’s remember we have teen and young tween girls that are following our social media examples. Next time before clicking post or share, we need to bare in mind social media exclusion.

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