Millennials Wanted

53.5 millennials make up the largest generation in U.S. labor force.  This generation is marked with being young, eager, motivated, and bring a new dynamic to businesses.  The future is in the hands of Generation Y and those coming behind them.  So how do we recruit this demographic?

Social Media has become the means of communication for everyone as our society has become more digital than ever.  So why not use this platform to recruit the millennials so many companies are seeking?  Forbes states “they [the Digital Generation] will comprise some 76% of the workforce.

An article on SocialMedia Today lists way to recruit millennial candidates via Social Media.


1- Use an Instagram-proof graphic

Using an ad on a platform that is heavily used by your demographic and will interest them.  A great picture of the team environment and fun office, or a fun team building activity that took, or a great view from the office windows can spark an interest to know more about the company and/or what it offers.

2- Optimize the copy

Be sure to include a short and to the point caption that will further gain interest and speak to your target audience.  Millennials are not interested in statements such as the work hours or something that is too much business lingo.  Let the caption go with the photo, something about the cool office space, the fun team activity that is a usual perk at the office or a statement that implies this is something that can rarely be found but we have it, such as an awesome view.  Be sure to include a hashtag; hashtags are their own language.


1- Decide on your niche

Facebook has 1.39 billion users; use this to your advantage!  This serves as a great place to target who you are looking for.  Use demographics, interests, and behaviors to get the information you want and need.  From these categories you can reach the age group you are in need of and interests that align with your company.

Using social media to recruit can open the doors to the target employees you have been searching for.

This is picture of a post for job for millennials wanted



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