Help! They Made Me Social Media Manager

social media managerNonprofits are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs so that they most money possible goes to providing services to their clients. Those that are behind the digital marketing curve will often toss the reigns of their social media to some young new hire to be done among their other many roles. For those newbies, the learning curve is high. Here are some quick tips if you wake up to find yourself a social media manager for your nonprofit. 

1. Do your research on what makes a good social media manager.

After doing some research, if you really are some young gun in your first job, you will arguably come to the conclusion that you are not cut out for the job. You could go to your boss with the reasons why this is not for you, or you can go with a list of what it would take to make you equipped. Either way, there is a chance they say, “you’ll grow into” and leave you with the reigns in your hand to fend for yourself. Then move on to number two.

2. Heather Mansfield is your new best friend.

Need to learn some things for free, quick, and in your own time? Heather has your back. Nonprofit Tech for Good has extensive resources on the blog and plenty of free webinars to have you feeling like you somewhat know what you are doing. Sign up for her newsletter, sign up for her blog, and follow her on all your social network channels. You will be glad you did.

3. Eventually you have to step up your game.

Eventually you have to stop playing little league and invest some real time and money into learning how the experts in the industry do social media. That would be a good time to look into certificate courses like the Social Media & Digital Communication course at SMU. Here you can learn some solid skills that can take your game to the next level.

Don’t worry young grasshopper. You didn’t ask for this and they are choosing not to change anything around. You do the best you can, learn along the way, and before you know it, you may actually be qualified for the job!



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