5 Best Free Stock Photography Sites

There are a lot of social media managers that are working at a company too small for a professional photographer or design team. That means they are going to rely heavily on stock photography. As price is always a concern for people in business or the non-profit world, here is a list of the 5 best free stock photography sites for you to use.

1. Pixabay 

free stock photographyWith a vast array of images, this should be the first stop in your search for the perfect shot. For those of you that use the typography app Typorama, you should already be familiar with Pixabay as that is who provides the stock images for that app. Their images are also found when you use the app Over.

2. Unsplashfree stock photographs

With 10 new photos posted every 10 days, Unsplash provides continued new content for you to use. They provide a variety of landscape, portrait, urban scenes, and animal photography that are National Geographic worthy. There is a subscribe option if you want the new images delivered straight to your inbox. You will also see Unsplash stock photos when searching for stock images using the PicLab Studio or Over app.

3. StockSnap free stock photography

Stocksnap rivals the quality of Unsplash and claims to have hundreds of new additions added daily.


4. Pexels  free stock photography

With 20 new professional quality images added daily, this is a site that should be frequented for selections. Like the rest of the sites that have made the list- these are not your stereotypical stock images. They are just plain good photos.

5. Death to Stock Photo free stock photography

This company provides you with new photo packs delivered to your inbox or for download on their site. This site is great for campaigns that might require a whole series of photos using the same theme.


So there you have it. There are 5 news sites that you can use to find some copyright free stock photography with no attribution required. It is every social media managers dream.

Do you know of some better free stock photography sites? Let us know in the comments below.

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