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Data science and content

Data science and contentThe use and study of data science has become more common in recent years and the term is beginning to be used in conversations about public relations and digital communications. The connection between data science and content can have a positive impact on your next campaign.  Continue reading

Social Media Tactics

Social Media is readily available to all of us and something that many of us would say we are fairly good at using due to our everyday personal use.  However there are specific social media tactics that can be followed to improve your business.  An Article on Social Media Today provides 5 tactics needed but I will share the 3 I find the most important. Continue reading

Help! They Made Me Social Media Manager

social media managerNonprofits are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs so that they most money possible goes to providing services to their clients. Those that are behind the digital marketing curve will often toss the reigns of their social media to some young new hire to be done among their other many roles. For those newbies, the learning curve is high. Here are some quick tips if you wake up to find yourself a social media manager for your nonprofit.  Continue reading

Converting Fans into Donors

converting fansSocial media can serve many purposes for a non-profit. It can be educational, bring cause awareness, or raise money. Likely it will be a combination of all of the above. But as many business haves a bottom line of making money, nonprofits have a motivating need to raise funds in order to execute the services for which they exist. Some nonprofits have done a great job building a fan and follower base on social media, but the key is converting fans into donors. Who seems to be doing this well, and who could probably use a boost? Continue reading

When to live blog

Live blogging has become a key tactic for news outlets and individuals covering big events. Understanding how to use the form for your company or clients can help you make the most of major events and news. The key is knowing when to live blog. Continue reading

Best Mobile Editing App

Social media involves a combination of scheduled, loosely-planned, and reactive posting. When you are out at an event and need to create content and post on the go, you want to easy to use tools that meet all of your needs. Sorting through photo editing and/or typography apps can be overwhelming as there are so many options. If you are looking for the best mobile editing app to create content that is easily personalized to your brand and each platform, look no further than Over. Continue reading

5 Best Free Stock Photography Sites

There are a lot of social media managers that are working at a company too small for a professional photographer or design team. That means they are going to rely heavily on stock photography. As price is always a concern for people in business or the non-profit world, here is a list of the 5 best free stock photography sites for you to use.

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Why we Procrastinate

America’s #1 pastime is to procrastinate. Why we procrastinate is complex. Humans are attracted to new and interesting activities. This stimulates our minds. The routine stuff does the opposite.

Chronic procrastinators may suffer from depression. They may also be angry about their lot in life. These moods interfere with our concentration and focus.

But there are other reasons why we procrastinate. The task at hand may bring us to a realization we may not want to face. For example, someone may not enjoy keeping track of their finances or balancing the check book. The reason? It reminds them of how poor they are or how much debt they are in.

Another example may be the guy or gal with the gym membership. Every time they go to the gym they are reminded of how out of shape they are. Seeing the svelte athletic type working out next to them doesn’t help either.

One more reason for procrastination is related to identity. Going on a diet may be identified as being fat and dieters may be identified by the procrastinator as people who need help and lack self-discipline.

By avoiding these mundane tasks like, washing our clothes, we wake up and realize we have no clean clothes to wear. That important paperwork for your new job interview has not been completed. Now you are even more stressed out says Lisa M. Juliana, PsyD.

Juliana says that failing to attend to the mundane required to maintain ourselves and the effect of this neglect interferes with our lives. How? Because it keeps us from the exciting lives we so long for.

What are some ways to overcome procrastination? According to life coach Mary Morrissey, having a vision and being specific can help. We must always remember what we want our end result to be. Being specific keeps us motivated and focused on our vision.

In conclusion, we must always be thinking of the end result and what these mundane activities will do for us once they are accomplished.

Mind Healer

The mind can be our healer. So says Dr. Lisa Rankin in her book “Mind over Medicine .” According to Rankin the mind can create that healing or sickness based on our feelings and beliefs.  Every cell is creating either sickness or wellness

Mind Healing

Whether or not we feel love or even anger affects our wellbeing. Using some of the latest scientific research she shows us examples of our inner MD (our thought life) that knows exactly what to prescribe.

Empowered with this knowledge, we can choose health over sickness. Imagine yourself whole and at peace, strong and happy. This is possible when we tap into the healing potential of our minds. Not only can reading her book change your life, it might just save it!

Examples of some of Rankin’s stories are the woman who’s cancerous tumor shrank down to nothing during radiation only for the doctors to find out that the radiation machine was not even working. But she believed the machine was in fact working. Or how about the man who had a heart attack but refused doctors orders to have an emergency bypass performed. He went home, changed his diet, started walking and praying. After several months in to his new lifestyle change, a repeat visit showed his incurable heart condition had disappeared.  And our last amazing example talks of a new research drug for chemotherapy called EPOH. It was getting marginal positive results, but one doctor was getting wildly successful results. The reason? He simple changed the name of the drug to HOPE when discussing the treatment with patients.

Is it true? Is it possible? Do we as people or patients help control the healing process? Will our curiosities allow us to dig deeper into this phenomenon? The truth is that most doctors will admit that there seems to be an unknown between the mystical and the physiological and that what connects the two may be our powerful minds.


Superstars Resolve

Tony Robbins Superstars Have ResolveWhat makes a superstar? Whether in athletes or business, superstars have one thing in common and that is resolve! So says super coach Tony Robbins. Robbins says that whether it’s a star athlete or CEO the superstars possess one thing in common and that’s resolve.

What is resolve? First lets lay the foundation. At the pro level of any endeavor, let’s say in athletics, most work hard, are big, strong and fast but the superstar, like a Michael Jordan, possess the one thing that separates them. Resolve!

Superstars have ResolveResolve is, in the athletes mind and the super CEO, the mindset that says, “I’ve already done it.” They have keen senses of vision that they can see exactly what they want and they walk as if the challenge has already been done. This ability to visualize enables them to see exactly what they want their outcome to be and they behave as if they already accomplished their feat.

A big part of resolve contains the ability to anticipate. The great ones are able to anticipate where their teammates are going to be as well as the opposition. It’s the superstar quarterback who knows where his receiver is going to be before he passes the ball. It’s the linebacker that knows what angle of attack to take as he visualizes and anticipates the runner’s position and how he will make the tackle. These are the ingredients that make up resolve.

Back to the great quarterbacks, they have this same sense of anticipation of not only knowing where their receiver will be but also where the opposing defensive back will be. You’ve heard the term, when describing a superstar quarterback, as being able to “feel” the blindside rush as if he had eyes in the back of his head. This is called anticipation and it comes from a resolve within the performer that says, “I see it, feel it and taste it because I’ve already been there and done that even before it ever happenned .”


Trump Emotional Intelligence

It’s been endorsed as the secret to success even more so than IQ. When you listen to Donald Trump speak he seems to be lacking in Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence defined is the ability to identify and control your own emotions. Just as important is recognizing your emotional effect on others.

The ability to harness these emotions is critical. Leaders must  apply them in a positive way to tasks like thinking and problem solving. Even more important is the ability to manage these emotions. This includes the ability to regulate your own emotions. This enables leaders to cheer up or calm down another person or group.

Trump, however, may be a victim of Emotional Intelligence’s dark side. Last year, a group of Austrian psychologists reported a link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and narcissism. This implies that some high EQ people may use their charm to seduce for selfish purposes. This means that a person with a high EQ could be charming yet deceptive.

Many of the conservatives in the Republican party believe that this is the real Donald Trump. Another study showed that a manipulator like Trump with a high EQ was more likely to publicly embarrass someone else. They do this in order to promoted themselves.

With so many supporting Trump, maybe a high EQ is not always an asset. In a 2013 study of college students, it was found found that those with a higher EQ were more likely to be duped. This reason seems to be that those with a higher EQ are overconfident when it comes to reading others.

So who is the real Donald Trump? Is he the one with the low EQ who lacks the ability to motivate others? Can he harness his own emotions? Does he use his emotions in a positive way. Can he calm down or cheer up another person or group?

Or is he the manipulator? Is he the guy who uses the darker side for EQ? Does he use his charming and seductive qualities to deceive? You the voter, will have to decide.



Dallas Trout Lily Sightings

Dallas Trout Lily sightings are now being reported!  The delicate and small flowers are among the first Dallas Trout Lily Sightingsharbingers of spring. The species in the metroplex have exquisite nodding one-inch white flowers tinged with lavender.  The delicate petals re-curve upward towards the light.  The pointy lily-like leaf is only about 3-4 inches tall.

The lilies poke-up through the thick carpet of leaves on the forest floor and give surprising delight to the casual passerby.  Trout Lilies dwell in woodland habitats and appear before the trees bud so that they have optimal sunlight.  They thrive on slopes.

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Too expensive for your client?

In any business, occasionally you will have a potential client tell you that your price is too expensive. First of all, if you are running your business correctly, you undoubtedly will encounter some people who think your price is too expensive. If no one thinks you’re too high, then your price is probably too low and you should be charging more.

As long as you have enough work to keep you busy, you’ll actually want a percentage of potential clients to find your rates expensive. Sometimes you have to read between the lines when a client says you are too expensive. Here are a few ways to handle it when a client says you are too expensive.

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Millennials Wanted

53.5 millennials make up the largest generation in U.S. labor force.  This generation is marked with being young, eager, motivated, and bring a new dynamic to businesses.  The future is in the hands of Generation Y and those coming behind them.  So how do we recruit this demographic?

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Social Media & Photography

This is a picture of social media, photography apps on a smartphone screen.

Image by Jason A. Howie

How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Social media and photography seem made for one another. It comes as no surprise that one of the first steps many photographers take when starting their business is to share their work online. But if your desire is to grow and make money from your work, which platform is best for you?  Continue reading

#FeeltheBern: Sanders Wins Millennial Favor

Sanders Wins Millennial FavorMillennials number 81 million and are a tough crowd to capture. The sizable group has the potential to be a powerful political force, but only 26 percent of the 64 million eligible millennials voted in the 2012 election. Republicans and Democrats alike have been working to figure out how to reach them, but current social buzz is clearly showing that Sanders wins millennial favor.  Continue reading

Marketing to Baby Boomers in the Digital Age.

BoomerBaby Boomers in recent years are becoming more social media-savvy, and they’ll be able to put their money towards whatever’s trending.  According Nielsen marketing, in less than five years, 50 percent of the U.S. Population will be over the age of 50. Continue reading

Engage. Inspire. Entertain. Tell the story of your wine.

This is a photo of tell the story of your winePeople have short attention spans, so how do you catch their eye and tell the story of your wine? Are you using video – if not, you must start. The visual impact of video communicates in ways that other methods can’t. Adding videos to your social media can increase click through rates by 96%.   Continue reading

Social Media Exclusion in Girl World.

So you are not invited to the party and now you are suffering from social media exclusion. Gone are the times when a teen was content to be home with a girlfriend doing an all night movie marathon instead of going to that party. Now the teens are glued to their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat watching live streams of the party unfold in real-time.  Continue reading