Women Love Wine and Social Media

You know women love wine and social media. The question is can you encourage women to try, and buy, your wines by engaging them in conversation online.

This is a photo of Women Love Wine and Social Media.According to a 2014 Gallop poll, women are wine drinkers, more than 46% of women who drink alcohol choose wine as their drink of choice. Women buy 57% of all wine sold and they are buying it for consumption, not collecting it. With this kind of buying power, the potential is huge for any wine brand that can win them over. But how to reach female buyers? Pew research shows that 80% of women online regularly use social media and 77% of them are on Facebook. Women love wine and social media, to reach more female wine buyers, connect with them online.

How do you engage women in conversation on social media? Allow women buyers to become true insiders. Inform with stories, videos and photos, educate with tasting notes and recipes. Ask women to follow you and share your sites with their friends – then ask them what they think.

Social media has only been around 10 or so years, but it speaks to the way women communicate. While Twitter use is rising, women are still more likely to be sharing information on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Younger women value stories and a personal connection over professional ratings. They have a thirst for insider knowledge and read personal reviews or talk with their friends before buying.

So you’ve been developing your social sites and posting regularly. What else can you do to engage these wine and social media loving women?

• Start a blog: To draw women in and create community, you will need to engage with them and share your knowledge. Create short stories on the history of your winery, winemaker or family, offer recipes and wine paring tips. Tell the tale of this year’s harvest or what inspired you to create your intriguing new blend. Then ask your followers what they think and encourage them to give their opinion.

• Shoot short videos: More than 700,000 people view wine related videos every day. Show your stories with videos, also called vlogs, and post them to You Tube or Vimeo.

To use social media to sell more wine to women you will need to reach out, be authentic and accessible, show your personality and invite them into your world – women will respond.


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