Wine and Social Media: A Perfect Blend for success?

This is a photo of vineyards for wine and social media.So you’ve tweeted a picture-perfect shot of your vines glistening in the California sun, fabulous. But are wine and social media the perfect blend to increased sales at your winery?

Consider that the last of the millennials have just turned 21 and are drinking more wine than any other generation. Of the 77 million young people classified as millennials, well over half are choosing wine as their beverage of choice. Wine and social media are the perfect blend to higher winery sales.

While that is great news for wine makers, it does come with a few caveats. Millennials like variety. They want to try new wines from new places and dazzle their friends with their knowledge of flavors, varietals, or sensational wineries to visit. What’s in your bottle? Young wine drinkers want to know. Is it a special blend, made with organic grapes, or spectacular with Thai food – social media is the perfect place to share the story of your wines and create new fans and new buyers.

So how do you, as a wine maker, connect with this younger group of budding wine enthusiasts? By engaging them on their smartphones. In the USA more than 80% of millennials own a smartphone. They will share their interests and opinions with you in exchange for education and access to insider knowledge of your wines.

A great place to start sharing your wine stories on social media is to post photos and short informative updates on Facebook. Build your fan base by sharing interesting information about your wines and breath-taking photos. Instagram is a visual medium and can appeal with beautiful shots of your vineyards, your special events or even the winery dogs (every winery has some!). Twitter is the place to send out updates, connecting winery happenings to your fans. In all channels, drive traffic back to your website for more information and purchasing options.

Sound daunting? A few creative posts a week will get you started connecting with wine-loving buyers. Remember, it’s less about the quantity of your posts than their thoughtful quality. Think having a conversation with someone you like – with a nice glass of Cabernet in your hand.

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