Party Favors: Social Media?

Party Favors: Social Media?

You bring the chips and I’ll bring the drinks.  This used to be the necessary party favors.  But now, what’s a party without social media?  The party favors need to consist of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat.  Social Media is how we engage with one another and the huge event we are gathered for.

With the 88th annual Oscars airing this Sunday, what role will social media play in the award show?  Well, for starters, any good watch party is going to be sure to have Twitter ready at all times.    Karen North states, “We’ve become a participation culture.  They [people] want to participate.”

The 2014 Oscars was the most tweeted non sporting live event of the year; over 17 million tweets related to the Oscars took over the internet.  The Oscar telecast hopes to boost ratings through social media with the engagement of younger audiences.  Social media will allow viewers to feel as though they are at the award show and a part of all the fun.  Viewers will be able to see pictures of celebrities with their This is a picture of a selfie at the Oscars: party favors
dates and friends, comments of all the firsthand action, and any jokes that could stir up some internet fun.  Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie with A-list celebrities, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, and Meryl Streep broke the internet.  She was hoping to get the most retweets of any and she was beyond successful! The picture was retweeted almost 3.4 million times.

Social media is a great tool for engagement but is something that cannot be controlled, the underlying worry of all who use it.  With that said, how can we top the previous social media records this year?  Well with the huge controversy surrounding this upcoming Academy Awards due to a lack of diversity, I would say that social media will be where the real entertainment lies.

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