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LeaderLeaders and Managers

Today, leaders and managers must be able to set the goals, develop a plan, communicate the plan, supervise execution of the plan and continually build a motivational climate.  Many companies must meet the new challenges in the global world.  Globalization has changed the way leaders and managers do business.  What make a good leaders and managers?  

According to Gary B. Cohen, he came up with the 7 C’s for being a leader or manager.

1. Capability – Has the skill and ability to do their job well. 

7 C's for being a Leader or Manager

7 C’s for being a Leader or Manager

2. Commitment – Has the level of desire and focus toward the team’s efforts.

3. Capacity – Has the time, energy, and personal management skills to complete what needs to be done well and on time.

4. Connection – Has the resources to complete the work that needs to be done.

5. Commonality – Shares interests that help build and extend the relationship.

6. Consistency – Has a strong track record of success and acts in a predictable fashion.

7. Character – Has integrity.  (Cohen, 2010)

Today leaders and managers must be willing to adapt to changes,  listen, be open-minded, encourage their employees, and have integrity. Leaders and managers should have additional education, have more familiarity with technology, and retrieved information more quickly to be successful in today’s business environment.  Today leaders and managers must adopt a leadership style that encourages workers, provide directions, communicate the plan, and supervising workers in adjusting to the new changes.  A good example is the military.  Today soldiers have more education and are more familiar with technology and retrieving information more quickly.  The military has adopted a new leadership style that encourages military leaders to provide direction, develop a plan, communicate the plan, and supervising and evaluating soldiers. The old days of autocratic leadership are gone.  The ability to plan and manage changes, while continuing to meet the organizational needs is a very important skill required by today’s leaders and managers.  Leader

One of my favorite quotes is by Kenneth Blanchard, “In the past a leader was a boss.  Today’s leaders must be partners with their employee, they no longer can lead solely based on positional power.”  Organizations need both managers and leaders to succeed, but developing both requires a reduced focus on logic and strategic exercises in favor of an environment where creativity and imagination are permitted to flourish.  Leaders and Managers must be able to set the goal, develop a plan, communicate the plan, supervise execution of the plan and continually build an organization.  Organizations today face rapid changes like never before, and is important to be able to plan and manage changes within an organization at any time.

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